Tips for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians on good accessories for vans

The van is essentially your right man hand. It carries your tools and helps you get to your destination. But just having a van doesn’t cut it. In the end, it can be so much more when equipped with the right kind of van racks and accessories.

It goes without saying, a plumber does not use the same tools as an electrician in their work, nor does a carpenter. Using the same reasoning, neither do they need the same kind of accessories for vans.

There’s a great variety when it comes to accessories for vans. It is therefore important to take your time and think about your needs before you make a purchase. If you’re unsure, you can always contact System Edström or one of our dealers and we’ll help you design the ideal van racking for your needs.

To get you started, here are some tips on van rack accessories for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

Van rack accessories for carpenters

Feeling the strain of crawling around on your cargo space floor every day? How do you access the tools and equipment furthest back? Consider investing in one or all of the following accessories for vans:

  • Double floor. With a double floor it’s easier to access your tools and equipment without having to crawl into the cargo space. As a carpenter, you need robust tools that can withstand tough handling. The same applies to your van rack accessories. 
  • Rubber mats. A rubber mat is a simple solution to make sure materials and equipment don’t fly around when in transit. Thus, not risking damaging the van interior or the tools.
  • Lighting. The lighting that comes with the van is often at times rather lacklustre. Switch out the roof light to something that doesn’t force you to use your cellphone to light up the dark spots.
  • Hangers and hooks. Use unused wall space for a place to hang your gloves, extra clothes, or dry wet clothes.
  • Ladder holder. To make the most out of your cargo space, invest in a ladder holder. Hang up your ladder on the roof to free up floor space for other things you need to bring with you, or simply to install additional van rack accessories such as shelves or additional drawers.

Van rack accessories for plumbers

If you’re a plumber, you probably have a plethora of pipes and tubes in different shapes and sizes rolling around the floor. To get a better overview when you open the door to your van, we’d suggest investing in the following van rack accessories:

  • Wall box. A wall box helps you separate the different pipes and tubes from each other and give you the possibility to store things in their own place for easier access. 
  • Tube box. Store smaller tubes in a box to make sure they don’t go flying during transit, damaging them or other equipment in the cargo space. It also gives you a better overview of your inventory and leaves a more clean impression with your clients.
  • Vice bench. A vice bench should be considered if you regularly need to cut copper pipes and similar. 
  • Plastic bins. Use different sized plastic bins to sort tube parts to keep track of your inventory and quickly find the things you need.

Van rack accessories for electricians

Last but not least, the electrician, a professional who needs access to maybe hundreds of different types of cables and other small electrical components. Consider the following accessories for vans:

  • Cable shelf. A cable shelf enables easier access and a better overview of all your cables, allowing for better storage opportunities for other things in your cargo space.
  • Ladder holder. Make use out of every inch of your cargo space by installing a ladder holder on the roof. It makes it easy to both bring out and put back your ladder whenever you need it. And it won’t take up unnecessary space that can be put to good use for other stuff.
  • Plastic bins. They are pretty much universally useful for every type of professional utilising a work van. We’d always recommend plastic boxes over cardboard simply because cardboard is a lot more fragile than plastic, and because they are transparent, allowing you to get a better view of everything inside.

For more tips on useful van racks and accessories, contact System Edström or one of our dealers today. We help you create the perfect cargo space according to your needs and wants. We’d highly recommend trying out our configurator to design a cargo space in a 3D environment, test different setups and see what best fits you.