Van Cable Rack And Hose Rackー For A More Organised Van

There are a lot of benefits with van racking. For example, your van will be more organised, resulting in a more efficient and safe working environment. System Edström offers a wide range of accessories that makes your working life easier, including a hose and van cable rack. You should always adapt your van interior to your needs, and we have products for all different professions. Hose and cable racks are often appreciated by electricians, plumbers, and other craftspeople that use hoses, cables, and wires in their daily work.

Areas of use

Our hose and van cable racks can be used for different purposes in various lines of business to make sure cables and hoses are stored securely. A van cable reel holder ensures a more organised van and keeps your equipment off the floor without compromising their quality. Cables and hoses are often sensitive and easily damaged if not stored properly. Buying a hose or van cable rack erases that problem and keeps all your cables and hoses safe from other tools that may damage them or accidentally be stepped on. Besides storing hoses and cables with our hose and van cable rack, you can also use it for holding cables to machines or chargers used in the car.

Specification of our van hose/cable reel holder

“Hose rack” – Article 4077

Our hose/cable rack with article number 4077 is the larger of the two, most commonly used for storing hoses:

  • Weight – 0.5 kg
  • Depth – 79 mm
  • Width – 267 mm
  • Height – 168 mm

“Cable rack” – Article 4080

Our hose/cable van rack with article number 4080 is on the smaller side compared to article 4077 and is primarily used for storing and dispensing cables and wires:

  • Weight – 0.3 kg
  • Depth – 135 mm
  • Width – 110 mm
  • Height – 85 mm

Benefits of choosing System Edström

Our hose/van cable racks are ideal for storing and transporting long cables, wires, and hoses. They are also perfectly adapted for working vans as they do not take up a lot of space. All of our products are crash-tested to ensure your and your tool’s safety in case of a collision. You can also move your hose/cable rack between vehicles if you buy a new one.

You can get up to a 5-year warranty on the interior and assembly if you design and install your van racking with one of our retailers. If you prefer installing it by yourself, we still give you a 3-year warranty on the interior. You can trust us to provide the best solution for you. With over 60 years in the industry, we have the experience it takes to create the perfect van for any business.

Build your ideal van racking setup using our configurator today.

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