Vehicle fleet – Van racking solutions for small and big van fleets

System Edström provides a complete solution for designing and installing van racking for both small and big vehicle fleets. We create the ideal mobile workplace to help you organise your vehicle fleet with our racking system, with the safest and most flexible van racking and accessories on the market.

Use our van configurator to see a preview of the design in a 3D-environment when choosing van equipment for a vehicle fleet, and explore our offering of van racking and accessories in our product catalog. Contact us or one of our dealers to create your custom-made van racking design for your vehicle fleet today.

Choosing van equipment for a vehicle fleet

When choosing van equipment for a vehicle fleet, it’s essential you have a complete picture of both your current and future needs and requirements. The starting point is to conduct a review of the existing vans in your vehicle fleet. Include drivers and crew in the process to get their input as well. Ask yourself, the drivers, and the crew what you like about the current setup and would like to keep, and what isn’t liked about the current setup that can be improved.

From there, contact one of our dealers to get started in choosing van equipment for your vehicle fleet and create the ideal van racking design according to your needs and requirements.

In the end, what type of van racking and van accessories a vehicle fleet will need often vary greatly depending on multiple factors including profession and personal preferences. The ideal mobile workplace is ultimately a tailor-made solution adapted to the individual’s needs, wants, and requirements.

Create a custom-made van racking solution for each person and van

However, making changes to a van fleet is never easy because of the risks involved. As the fleet manager you need to carefully balance cost and benefits. Bolster the odds of success with System Edström. Our dealers can help you identify the right specs at the right prices, providing the best possible benefit, to the lowest cost.

Regardless if your fleet has 5, 10, 25, or 100 vans, we can help you create a custom-made van racking solution that fits the needs and requirements of each person and van – always within budget.

Why you should choose System Edström

Long experience

System Edström has over 60 years of experience in the business of van racking solutions. We know van racking and can help you transform your vans into the perfect mobile workplaces.

Made in Sweden

All of our products are designed, developed, and manufactured in Sweden – a byword for quality.

5-year warranty

You get a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and the installation when the racking is fitted by a System Edström approved installer. If you choose to install it yourself, you still get a 3-year warranty on the van racking.

High safety

All van racking and accessories we provide in the UK and Europe are crash-tested to ECE 17-07 and INRS NS286 standard.

Unparalleled flexibility

If you decide to swap out a few vehicles in your fleet to another model, you can easily transfer the van racking from one to another. It is also possible to add to your van racking solutions whenever you need to.