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Electrical installations require a lot of consumables, such as cables, screws, conduits, fuses, and trunking, as well as a great many tools, including multiple types of pliers, testers, and screwdrivers. To work effectively, everything needs its own place, where you can find what you need, when you need it. If you struggle with a messy cargo space, consider van racking for electricians.

However, there is no particular van racking setup that works for every type of van. Every segment within the electrician industry is unique, and so is the way they work. An electrician’s van racking needs to be tailored to each individual’s wants and needs. Contact System Edström or one of our resellers to get started designing your ideal mobile workplace or to brainstorm van racking ideas for electricians.

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Van racking ideas for electricians

System Edström offers a wide range of van racking solutions for every storage challenge you are likely to have as an electrician. To help you get started in designing your van racking setup and provide some inspiration, we have compiled a few electrician van storage ideas.

Drop-front shelfs

Storing cables in boxes rather than on racks is becoming increasingly common. However, the boxes can be both heavy and somewhat unwieldy, making them difficult to remove from normal shelves. With drop-front shelves, the entire front of the shelf can fold down so you can pull boxes straight out, without having to lift them over an edge. This means you can put the shelves closer to the top. You can also put the front of the drop shelf on the floor to create an easily accessible space.

Assortment case

Electricians use a great variety of small tools, consumables, and materials in their daily work. To ensure you have everything you might need at all times, consider investing in an assortment case. They are a great way to carry small tools and consumables directly from the van to the job, minimizing the risk of you having to return to the van.

We offer an assortment case with high impact resistance that allows for several possible combinations for compartmentalization. They include a robust handle that both locks the case and can withstand rough and heavy impacts. Combine them with a sliding rack stand, and you essentially have a mobile drawer.

Plastic bins

Keeping tools and parts, like screws, nuts, and bolts, organized is essential to being productive on the job site. Our plastic bins with separators and lids offer a great solution for keeping your tools and parts organized and accessible in a similar fashion to our assortment case.

With our plastic bins, you can divide up your parts and tools into different compartments, so you can easily find what you need without rummaging through a big jumble of items. The lids ensure that everything stays in its place during transit and prevents them from getting mixed up.

System Edström’s plastic bins can be stored on either normal shelves or on drop-front shelves with special brackets for an accessible and sliding version. This allows you to customize your van storage according to your unique needs and preferences.

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Explore our van racking solutions and accessories for electricians by clicking on your van brand to read more about our van racking solutions, see some images to inspire you, and find some electrician van storage ideas for your particular vehicle.

Why choose System Edström’s van racking solutions for electricians?

System Edström is one of Europe’s most versatile van racking companies. We offer robust and flexible van racking solutions for electricians and van rack accessories, allowing for endless combinations of drawers, shelves, and other items to design and build the ideal van racking that meets your needs and wants.

Over 60 years’ experience

We have over 60 years of experience in the van racking industry. Trust us when we say that we know van racking.

Made in Sweden

System Edström’s van racking and accessories are designed, developed, and manufactured in Sweden – a byword for quality.

Five-year warranty

Receive a five-year warranty on both the products and the installation when fitted by one of our approved installers.

Safety first

All our van racking products are crash-tested according to ECE 17-07 and iNRS NS286 standards.

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