Yes, simply contact our team or one of your local approved dealers and they will help you place your order.

Prices ranges greatly depending on the configuration. A standard van racking system on one side of a mid-size van is approximately 500-700 euro/£.

If you need a replacement part you can contact us or an approved dealer and they will help you.

In the contact section on System Edström’s website. You can always send us an email: info@edstrom.co.uk

Yes, mounting instructions are available on the website. The biggest challenge is to mount it in the van without drilling through vital components such as cables and fuel tank. Our approved dealers have good knowledge about the vans on the market and have been trained in how to mount van racking. Therefore, it is generally easier/better to make use of an approved dealer. If the system is installed by one of our approved dealers, you have 5-year warranty. If you install it yourself, you receive a 3-year warranty.

By moving your van racking from your old van to your new van, you extend the life of the van racking and get a van with longer compliance.


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