Large Van Racking Solutions

Just like the brush is the painter’s most important tool, so is the van to a craftsman. And you should treat it as such. Van racking can take any van, regardless of size and model, to an entirely new level of usefulness and efficiency. The potential of large van racking is endless, where you can pick and choose whatever van racking and accessories you need for your specific profession.

Explore our large van racking solutions to make the ideal mobile workplace for your needs. We offer van racking for the most prominent brands globally for all sizes of vans, including all the most common big van models such as VW Crafter, Renault Master, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Peugeot Boxer, among many others.

Here are a few large van-racking ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

Large Van Racking Ideas

  1. The double floor: However well renowned the double floor is, in a large van, you do not need it; you already have enough space. A double floor may make it more difficult to stand up straight in the cargo space and enter it due to the increased floor height.
  2. Sliding shelves, pegboards, and drawers: The sliding drawers that are often associated with double floors are, however, still relevant. As are the equally smart sliding shelves and pegboards. It gives you, just like drawers, easy access to all your storage spaces without having to enter the van.
  3. Mini-workshop: Create a mobile workshop fully equipped with a large workbench with a vice, a perforated wall with hooks to hang your tools, and everything else you need to be able to work efficiently while out on the road.
  4. Make use of the ample space: Get creative! It does not matter what your needs and requirements are. Considering the available space, you can design it pretty much however you want for any profession.
  5. Foldable shelves (Flexi shelves): Fold them up when you need some extra space to transport large equipment and machines. Fold them down to use them as a regular storage space.
  6. Van grab handle: The cargo space of big vans can sometimes be troublesome to enter. Consider installing a grab handle for pulling yourself up.

Create your own large van racking solution today

Contact System Edström or one of our dealers to get started today. We offer complete large van racking solutions for most big van models where you can adjust it, remove, and add van racking according to your needs.

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