Professional van racking systems
for the UK

Invest in van racking from System Edström

Having a high-quality, robust and tailored van interior really improves safety and efficiency. And you can always improve your van interior with lighting, shelves, drawers and other practical van racking and accessories. 

What’s what?

  1. Drawers: Each drawer is an individual building element. You decide how the drawer cabinet will look.
  2. Shelves: 65 mm high, 180˚ folded edges make the shelf steady and give a soft rounded edge.
  3. Shelf frames: Available in several sizes and models.
  4. Dropfront: Shelves with a fold-down front edge which facilitates access to material for tightly mounted shelves.
  5. Drawer inserts: Inserts with loose dividers where you can make your own configuration.
  6. Plastic bins: Store spare parts and tools.
  7. Tool case: A case that is suitable for an assortment of small parts.

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