Van lighting systems

Light up your working life with System Edström’s van lighting systems.

Alongside a well organised van, an effective van lighting system will make your teams even more efficient. Many companies need to keep their people working day and night, especially in the utilities business, so it’s vital that they can keep the lights on.

System Edström offers a comprehensive range of lighting systems that will keep your people safe and productive, whatever the lighting conditions.

Different types of work van lighting offered at System Edström

System Edström offers a variety of work van lighting systems to meet your needs. Different types of jobs require different types of lighting, and we want to help all of you who are looking for good van lighting. We have both exterior and interior van lighting systems to help your teams find what they need quickly and to do their jobs as hassle-free as possible.

There will be a big difference in your work van lighting system if you have the right system adapted to your working conditions. We want you to be able to work productively and most of all be safe while working. Therefore it is important to adapt your van lighting system, and not settle with what may come with the van. Here are some of our great selection of lightning solutions that System Edström offer:

  • Exterior lights
  • Warning lights
  • Light bars
  • Rear lights
  • LED strip lights

LED lighting for a work van is recommended and can be used in several areas in the car. LED lights use less energy, last longer and provide better lighting and therefore gives you the best value for money. System Edström offers different types of LED lights, both with and without controls – whatever suits you and your van best.

Contact us

Our expert teams will be able to advise you on the ideal lighting system for your fleet of vans. We help you take a look at your requirements to see what your workforce needs from a lighting system, then develop a solution to make sure you get the set-up that meets their requirements perfectly.

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information. We can provide you with reliable high quality lighting solutions to make your job safer and more efficient.

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