Van lighting systems

Light up your working life.

Alongside a well organised van, an effective van lighting system will make your teams even more efficient. Many companies need to keep their people working day and night, especially in the utilities business, so it’s vital that they can keep the lights on.

System Edström offers a comprehensive range of lighting systems that will keep your people safe and productive, whatever the lighting conditions.

We have both exterior and interior van lighting systems to help your teams find what they need quickly and to do their jobs as hassle-free as possible.

Van Exterior LED Lights

For the outside of the van we offer a selection of systems. We have warning lights and light bars, rear lights and much more to make sure they’re easy to spot while at work. Our selection of searchlights and position lights to help them light up their surroundings. And, of course, our range includes a choice of van exterior LED lights for optimum brightness and maximum energy efficiency.

LED lighting offers a great range of benefits for your business. These systems use less energy than traditional lights, saving you money, last longer and take up less space, making them the sensible choice.

Emergency and safety vehicles bring their own set of requirements. Our van lighting range includes blue lights and a selection of options to help with surveillance and monitoring.

LED lights for van interior

When it comes to the inside of the van, you need a van lighting interior system keeps every part of the van lit up, with no annoying dark spots where things can hide. We offer a great range of solutions, including LED lights for van interiors. These make finding your tools and equipment a breeze at any time of day or night. All our LED lighting options are available with or without controls.

Our expert teams will be able to advise you on the ideal lighting system for your fleet of vans. We help you take a look at your requirements to see what your workforce needs from a lighting system, then develop a solution to make sure you get the set-up that meets their requirements perfectly.

Interior and Exterior LED Lighting for your Van | System Edström