Iveco Daily Van Racking Systems, Solutions and Accessories

The Iveco Daily is designed to function in tough conditions and offer outstanding results. It offers a range of benefits and can be customised in a variety of ways, making it fully compatible with System Edström’s outstanding Iveco Daily van racking systems. We also have a great range of accessories to complement our Iveco Daily van shelving.

Iveco Daily van racking

System Edström provides Iveco Daily racking solutions in a range of combinations to suit all kinds of operational and business requirements. They will help you keep everything you need organised and close to hand, using our range of shelving options, storage items and handy accessories.

The Daily has a range of safety features to keep you and your cargo safe. And you can keep everything even more secure with a crash tested System Edström Iveco Daily racking solution.

Iveco Daily van shelving

System Edström’s Iveco Daily van shelving helps you make the most of your van. Made with high-strength steel, our shelving is lighter and more durable than ever before. Our Iveco Daily racking can be fitted to meet your requirements exactly, so you get the van you need.

We also offer a full range of accessories to complement our Iveco Daily shelving, from lights to ladders, handy compartments, carry cases and much more.

Dimensions of Iveco Daily van racking

The Daily comes in a variety of wheelbases, roof heights and rear overhangs, giving it a huge range of cargo volumes. At most, it offers an unbeatable 19.6 cubic metres of load space.

The Daily is capable of carrying heavy payloads thanks to its high-performing front suspension, which raises the maximum permissible load. Models featuring the lighter, strong QUAD-LEAF suspension have a load capacity of up to 1900kg. Those with the QUAD-TOR suspension have a load capacity of up to 2700 kg.

  • Max load length: 2,610mm to 5,1250mm
  • Max load space: 7.3m3 to 19.6m3
Van Racking Accessories | System Edström

Iveco Daily racking systems

Our racking ranges are the ideal Daily for your van. Available in a range of lengths and widths, they can be combined in virtually any way to suit your needs.

Reasons why you should choose System Edström for Iveco Daily van racking

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All our Iveco Daily van shelving products are crash-tested to the highest standards to keep you and your cargo as safe as possible in the event of an accident.

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