System Edströms shelves have a considerably 180 degree overlap on the upper edge, for a smooth rounding but also stability. The sides are 65 mm high so the tools stay in place.

All our shelves are available in two standard depths; 300 mm and 470 mm.

We have a variety of widths which opens up for different combinations. If we dont have the exact width available we add a fitting bit to fill the gap.

For mounting on top of the interior there is also the narrow 160 mm shelf. This is available in both telescopic and fixed widths. Rubber mats to the shelves are included in all finished proposals. Do not forget to buy these if you configure your own interior. The rubber mats both protect your items and make the interior quieter.
Shelf divider that is easily attached to 180 degree circumvention keeps track of cartons etc.

Drop Front Shelves

On the drop fronts shelves the entire front of the shelf is fold down, and pull the plastic box or cardboard straight out without having to lift it over an edge.
This means that you can put the shelves closer to the top. The drop front shelves are available in following widths: 605 mm, 784 mm, 907 mm, 997 mm and 1 176 mm. Of course, they are available in both standard depths, 300 mm and 470 mm.

It is also very usual to just put the front of the drop shelf on the floor, to create an easily accessible space.

On a drop-off shelf from System Edström you can load up to 70 kg of widened load!

There are also stable compartments for the shelves.