Van racking & shelving systems

A well-planned van shelving system in your van can make your business more efficient and save your teams valuable time and effort when out on a job.

With shelving where you need it, at eye level or lower, putting a hand on the item you want is quick and easy. It’s safer too, as you won’t have to go hunting around amongst any clutter to get to what you need.

Whatever business you are in, we can help you plan the configuration of your van storage shelves to make sure they can do the job you need. And all our van shelving gives you maximum flexibility. Our systems are fully adjustable to allow them to fit into any racking configuration, so you can tailor yours to meet your individual needs.

We have a choice of two standard depths available: 300mm and 470mm. Both depths come with a 180 degree overlap on the upper edge and 65mm sides to keep your tools and equipment secure. Easily fitted shelf dividers also help keep things separated.

We have a variety of widths to suit different combinations. We offer a narrow 160mm shelf for mounting near the van roof, available in both telescopic and fixed widths. If we don’t have the exact width available, we can adjust to fit.

Rubber mats are available for all our van shelving solutions to protect your tools and reduce noise.

We also offer a comprehensive range of drawers and stable compartments to complement our van shelving systems, so you can keep all your tools, parts and equipment beautifully organised. Each fit perfectly on our shelving units, keeping everything safe and to hand.

Drop-front shelves

With our drop-front shelves, the entire front of the shelf folds down so you can pull boxes straight out without having to lift them over an edge. This means you can put the shelves closer to the top. You can also put the front of the drop shelf on the floor to create an easily accessible space.

Drop-front shelves are available in widths of 605mm, 784mm, 907mm, 997mm and 1,176mm. They are available in both standard depths – 300mm and 470mm. Our drop-off shelves are strong, too, with a maximum load of 70kg. 

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