Mercedes Citan van racking

System Edström offers a full range of van racking solutions for the Citan range. All our Mercedes Citan van racking products are designed to fit within the model, and all our solutions are versatile enough to be configured to your exact requirements. 

Mercedes Citan racking

If all you need is a smaller van for your business, then the new Mercedes Citan could be ideal for you. It’s compact size, combined with excellent capacity make it a great option for city streets. It also benefits from being ideal for kitting out with System Edström’s flexible Mercedes Citan van shelving systems, which can help you optimise the storage space within the van.

This smaller van fits perfectly with our Citan van racking. Because our systems are so innovative, you’ll find a wealth of nifty features that help you utilise every nook and cranny inside the van, meaning that you can pack in everything you need while still keeping all your tools and equipment close to hand and easy to find. 

Dimensions of Mercedes Citan van racking

The Citan comes in a choice of two wheelbases, making it versatile enough for anyone who needs a smaller van but doesn’t want to compromise on space. 

The shorter version is suitable for most small van needs, offering an impressive load length and cargo space of up to 3.1 cubic metres. The longer version ups the cargo space to 3.8 cubic metres. 

A choice of two engines gives you options in the power department, with impressive fuel economy, thanks to stop/start technology. The smaller 109CDI engine has official figures of up to 65.7mpg on the combined cycle. Technology available includes ADAPTIVE ESP® which improves stability – perfect when coupled with the safety record of our Mercedes Citan van racking, which is stringently crash tested. 

  • L2 version:

Length 4,321mm

Max load length 1,753mm

Max roof load 100kg

Cargo volume 3.1m3

  • L3 version:

Length 4,705mm

Max load length 2,137mm

Max roof load 100kg

Cargo volume 3.8m3

Mercedes Citan accessories

In addition to our range of Mercedes Citan racking, we offer a comprehensive range of Mercedes Citan van accessories

From lighting to safety products, tool cases, drawer inserts, storage bins and more, we have the products to keep your Mercedes Citan more organised, helping you improve efficiency

For more information on our Mercedes Citan van accessories, take a look at our accessories page.

Mercedes Citan van shelving

Our shelving ranges are the ideal partner for your van. Available in a range of lengths and widths, they can be combined in virtually any way to suit your needs. 

Why you should choose System Edström for your Mercedes Citan shelving and racking

  • Flexibility and versatility

Our modular system means your Mercedes Citan van shelving can be configured to your specific means. Working with our expert team, you can design your system to your requirements, or use our online tool to design your system yourself. 

  • Safety

All our Mercedes Citan van racking products are crash-tested to the highest standards to keep you and your cargo as safe as possible in the event of an accident.

  • Comprehensive warranty

All of our Mercedes van racking products installed by our experts at our headquarters or approved dealers comes with a complete five-year warranty, covering parts and labour. If you decide to install your system yourself, we offer a three-warranty on parts.