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The van is your most essential tool; treat it as such. It does not matter how small your van is; any van racking or accessory can make a world of difference. And the smaller the van, the less space you have, and the more selective you need to be when choosing your small van racking solutions.

Explore our small van racking solutions to make the ideal mobile workplace for your needs. We offer van racking for the most prominent brands globally for all sizes of vans, including all the most common small van models such as VW Caddy, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, and Ford Connect, among many others.

Here are some tips on van racking for small vans to get the inspiration flowing.

Tips on van racking for small vans

  1. Consider the limited space: “Everything in its place”, a phrase every small van owner should embrace. The limited space makes it extra important to be selective about what van racking and accessories you get. Consider carefully what your most essential needs are and act accordingly.
  2. Get creative!: With such small spaces, you need to get creative. Not only regarding what types of van racking and accessories you get, but also how you store things in the most efficient way to make the most out of the available space.
  3. A double floor is your best friend: Consider a double floor. It raises the floor height, making it difficult or impossible to stand up straight, and with retractable drawers, you will not have to. A double floor fitted with sliding drawers provides ample and easily accessible space to store your tools, equipment, and materials.
  4. Use the outside: With a small van, you have to make use of all the available space, including the roof and sides of your van. An external tube or ladder holder mounted on the side or top of the van are ideal additions to ensure you can carry all your necessary tools, equipment, and materials.
  5. Sliding shelves and pegboards: Most everyone has heard of sliding drawers, but did you know there are even sliding shelves and pegboards? It gives you, just like drawers, easy access to all your storage spaces without entering the van.

Create your own small van racking solutions today

Contact System Edström or one of our dealers to get started today. We offer complete small van racking solutions for most small van models where you can adjust it, remove, and add van racking according to your needs.

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