Nissan NV300 van racking

With a comfortable cabin and immensely practical cargo space, the Nissan NV300 makes for the perfect mobile workplace. Add in System Edström’s Nissan NV300 van racking solutions and you have an unbeatable van for a range of trades. 

All our products are designed to fit with this fantastic model, and all our solutions are versatile enough to be configured to your exact requirements. We also have a range of Nissan NV300 van accessories.

Nissan NV300 racking

The Nissan NV300 is the brand’s mid-sized offering. It’s a versatile all-rounder that can handle whatever’s thrown at it, particularly when fitted with our range of NV300 van shelving.

The NV300 load carrying capabilities make it ideal for the tradesman who needs that bit of extra space. Its cabin also has a great range of features that turn it into a mobile office, with space for a laptop, extra stowage, a smartphone holder, hands-free technology and more, so you can run your business when you’re on the go.

Dimensions of Nissan NV300 van racking

System Edström’s NV300 van shelving and racking systems can be fitted to your requirements, and the van is available in two wheelbases and two heights, to suit your business.

The van itself can take a whopping 8.6 cubic metres of cargo and its bulkhead flaps allow you to transport up to 3.75m in the short NV300 or 4.15m in the long version. Its roomy enough to take three Euro pallets. And, of course, it’s compatible with all our Nissan NV300 racking systems.

Don’t forget that all our Nissan NV300 van racking is crash tested to meet the highest safety standards, keeping you and your cargo secure in the event of an accident.

  • L1 version

Length 4,999mm

Width 1,956mm

Cargo volume 5.2m3 (7.2m3 in H2 version)

Max payload 1098kg

  • L2 version

Length 4,560mm

Width 1,755mm

Cargo volume 6m3 (8.6m3 in H2 version)

Max payload 1,266kg

Nissan NV300 accessories

In addition to our range of Nissan NV300 racking, we offer a comprehensive range of Nissan NV300 van accessories

From lighting to safety products, tool cases, drawer inserts, storage bins and more, we have the products to keep your Nissan NV300 more organised, helping you improve efficiency.

For more information on our Nissan NV300 van accessories, take a look at our accessories page.

Nissan NV300 van shelving

Our Nissan NV300 shelving ranges are the ideal solution for your van. Available in a range of lengths and widths, they can be combined in virtually any way to suit your needs. 

Why you should choose System Edström for your Nissan NV300 shelving and racking 

  • Flexibility and versatility

Our modular system means your Nissan NV300 van shelving can be configured to your specific means. Working with our expert team, you can design your system to your requirements, or use our online tool to design your system yourself. 

  • Safety

All our Nissan NV300 van racking products are crash-tested to the highest standards to keep you and your cargo as safe as possible in the event of an accident.

  • Comprehensive warranty

All of our Nissan van racking products installed by our experts at our headquarters or approved dealers comes with a complete five-year warranty, covering parts and labour. If you decide to install your system yourself, we offer a three-warranty on parts.