Do you have the need to charge battery-powered tools in your van or perhaps the need to power larger power tools? Maybe heat the lunch in the microwave as well? Then we have several variations of power supplies that can be adapted to your needs to help you maximise the benefits of your mobile workplace.

We at System Edström offer inverters (converters) from Awimex, specialists in, among other things, power supplies. With a current transducer in your van, it gives you the opportunity to power 230V equipment from the van’s battery. Typical vans that need this are those that function as mobile workplaces within plumbing, electricity, and property management. Other common uses for this type of power supply are emergency vehicles, service vans, boats, and trucks.

We at System Edström offer three different packages when it comes to power supplies to make it easy to find one that suits your needs. We offer inverters with 400W, 1200W, and 2000W. Read more under each product. We have ready-made packages that include the product, accessories, and installation. Talk to one of our many resellers for more information about the cost of hardware and assembly. If you have any further questions about power supplies, feel free to contact us.