Van interior lights

System Edström offers a great range of van interior lights to make the inside of your mobile workplace as usable as possible, whatever the conditions.

For many companies, particularly those operating in the utilities industry, being able to work at night is essential to their operation. An effective van lighting system makes your van even more efficient, which is why we offer some great options for your vehicle or fleet.

Remember that all our lighting products are tested and produced to the highest standards, so you can benefit from the very best products at great value prices, without compromising at all on quality. With LED van lighting that offers the best combination of practicality and quality, we have the system you need to keep your people working whenever and wherever they are required.

LED lights for van interior

When it comes to the inside of the van, you need a van lighting interior system keeps every part of the van lit up, with no annoying dark spots where things can hide. We offer a great range of interior lights for vans, including LED lights. These make finding your tools and equipment a breeze at any time of day or night. All our LED lighting options are available with or without controls.

LED lights offer the best option in when it comes to light quality and energy efficiency. Compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, LED lights use less energy, last longer and provide better lighting.

Because they use a semi-conductor to create to convert electricity into light, LED interior lights for vans can be up to 90 per cent more energy-efficient than other light sources. And the price has come down markedly over the years. So LED interior lighting for vans makes even more sense.

Our LED lighting for van options

System Edström offers high quality LED lights for van interiors. Our LED strip lights are convenient for fitting pretty much anywhere inside your van, so there’s no need to leave any nook or cranny unlit. This helps you make the most of the storage areas your van provides.

Our LED lighting strips are, of course, IP67 rated and fitted with long-life LEDs. They feature rapid connection, making them easy to fit in your van.

We also offer interior LED lights for working use inside your van, that keep the focus on wherever you might need it. These allow you to make the most of your mobile workplace by offering you a great, practical and economical source of van LED interior lighting. Our working lights are fitted with long-life LEDs, and are Reg 10 approved. They feature an on/off switch on the back for ease of use.

Our expert teams will be able to advise you on the ideal van interior lighting system for your fleet. We help you take a look at your requirements to see what your workforce needs from a lighting system, then develop a solution to make sure you get the set-up that meets their requirements perfectly.