Build Your Mobile Workplace with System Edström

It can be a struggle having your office on wheels. There is a lot to think about regarding safety, adaptability, and efficiency, not only while working but also while driving. With van racking systems from System Edström, you will appear as the professional you are. We are happy to help you create the perfect mobile workplace for your business.

What you need to think about

You need to consider some key elements when designing your mobile workplace. First of all, you need to adapt the van to your profession. Internal van racking comes in different sizes and storage possibilities to suit you regardless of your needs and demands. However, there are some factors that all craftspeople should consider.

  • Safety – All products from System Edström are crash-tested, so you will always have a safe van racking system in case of a crash or heavy break. But you should also consider investing in van lightning to be safe in your daily work, primarily if you work during evenings and at night.
  • Accessories – We offer a wide range of accessories to enable you to work even more efficiently. Gas bottle holders and internal ladder holders are some examples of accessories that could be helpful for you.
  • Design – Do you want to design and assemble your van interior with us or by yourself? We highly recommend you use our configurator to test different setups and see the van racking system in a digital 3D environment. If you hire one of our retailers to install the van racking, you receive a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and assembly; if you install it yourself, you will still receive a 3-year warranty on the interior.

Be more productive in your mobile workplace

With proper mobile workspace, your mobile workspace will become more organised, safe, and efficient. Similarly to working in an office or grocery store, your needs and demands are of the utmost importance to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. To perform and be mentally and physically healthy, you need to ensure a safe and ergonomic mobile workspace.

You do not have to purchase new van racking if you buy a new van. System Edström’s products are flexible and can be moved to your new van and complemented if needed. Re-using your van racking is not only more environmentally friendly but also saves you money. Create your mobile workplace today and get a long-lasting van interior so that you can work and appear as the professional you are.

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