Van Racking for Plumbers

A plumber’s van storage needs are unique not only to their trade, but also to how they go about their daily work. A plumber’s van racking needs to be tailored to each individual’s wants and needs, as there is no particular setup that works perfectly for every type of van.

Ensure your tools and consumables are safe and sorted both when on the road and on site, and make the most out of your van’s interior space with van racking from System Edström. We offer a wide range of van racking for plumbers and accessories to help keep your tools, consumables, and parts in order.

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Van racking ideas for plumbers

As a plumber, you are likely dealing with a wide variety of heavy consumables, from fittings and valves to couplings and joints, as well as a diverse range of tools, including tube cutters and pipe wrenches. Investing in professional van racking can help you keep all these items sorted and accessible, saving you time and energy on the job.

At System Edström, we offer a diverse range of van racking solutions and accessories for plumbers, so you can find the perfect storage solutions for any challenge you may encounter. To help inspire you and get you started on your van racking journey, we have compiled some of our favourite van racking ideas for plumbers below.


As a plumber, your work is incredibly diverse, and depending on the specific nature of the project, you may be working with a wide variety of tools, materials, and consumables. However, one of the few constants is the requirement of couplings and fittings to carry out the duty as a plumber. It is also often one of the biggest challenges for plumbers to handle in their storage space. Not only are they heavy, but there is also a need to keep a wide assortment of different types and sizes for different couplings and fittings.

Drawers ensure you have a place for everything, where you can concentrate on your job without wasting time looking for the right item when you need it. System Edström offers a range of lightweight, robust drawer systems that can handle heavy loads, up to 60 kg payload per drawer.

Telescopic shelves

Long items like pipes and tubes can be difficult to store in a conventional van setup. That’s where telescopic shelves come in – they provide a space-efficient and secure storage solution for long and awkwardly shaped items. Telescopic shelves are mounted on the top of the racking and comes with a flipfront for easy access to the storage space. This makes it easy to transport long items without having to worry about them getting damaged or taking up too much space.

At System Edström, we offer a range of telescopic shelves that are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand the rigours of daily use. With our telescopic shelves, you can store your long items safely and efficiently and ensure that they are secure and always easily accessible.

Case support

Plumber’s torches, press fitting systems, tubing cutters, and many more – plumbers use a wide variety of larger tools in their daily work. They need to be stored safely in a case underneath the van racking to prevent them from sliding around during transit.

Our adjustable brackets are designed to fix securely between shelf frames, providing a stable and safe space to store your tool cases. With System Edström’s case support solutions, you can ensure your tools stay organised, accessible, and secure at all times.

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Why choose System Edström’s van racking solutions for plumbers?

System Edström is one of Europe’s most versatile van racking companies. We offer robust and flexible van racking for plumbers and van rack accessories, allowing for endless combinations of drawers, shelves, and other items to design and build the ideal van racking for your needs and wants.


With over 60 years’ of experience in the van racking industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality van racking solutions for plumbers.

Made in Sweden

System Edström’s van racking and accessories are designed, developed, and manufactured in Sweden – a byword for quality.

Five-year warranty

Receive a five-year warranty on both the products and the installation when fitted by one of our approved installers.

Safety first

All our van racking products are crash-tested according to ECE 17-07 and iNRS NS286 standards.

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