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Types of vehicle storage drawers

Vehicle storage drawers are among the first things people think about when talking about van racking. Vehicle drawers are an essential part of any storage system in a van, regardless of size or model. They help keep your tools, materials and components safe, off the floor and easy to find.

So, what types of vehicle storage drawers are there?

1. Workbench drawers

Workbench vehicle storage drawers are one of the most common types of drawers that pretty much every van racking setup will include. Usually, they will be a mix of one-compartment drawers to store bigger items, and drawers with several compartments to store smaller items and components. The drawers are mostly used to store the tools and materials you need close at hand when working on something at a workbench. 

2. Toolbox drawers

Toolbox vehicle drawers offer a flexible solution. Here, the drawer is a toolbox instead of a permanent compartment. You can pull the toolbox out and take it with you, so you have all your tools and materials on site and don’t have to go back and forth between the storage unit and the toolbox.

3. Underfloor drawers

Underfloor (or false-floor) vehicle storage drawers are a favourite of ours, as well as many builders, plumbers and electricians. By utilising the unused floor space, you can securely store more things whilst leaving room for larger cargo or additional storage solutions up top. This is a simple, effective storage solution that helps you make the most of your cargo space.

Underfloor drawers can be installed either through the van’s rear or side doors, or both if required, providing plenty of storage space at a convenient height.

4. Shelf/rack long drawers

Shelf/rack long drawers are pretty much identical to workbench drawers, but fitted to a shelf or a rack. They are also much longer, as the name suggests. We use these drawers for our underfloor storage solutions, but can be used both underneath and above the floor to great effect.

Buy vehicle drawers and accessories from System Edström

We offer two standard depths for our standard vehicle storage drawers: 300 mm and 470 mm. The widths available are 302 mm, 392 mm, 605 mm and 784 mm. Heights available are 110 mm and 220 mm. The regular 392 mm drawer is also available with a 165 mm height. Read our product catalogue for more details about each vehicle drawer.

To complement our drawers, we offer locking bars for our vehicle drawers and sliding shelves, making life harder for potential thieves. The locking bars mount on a shelf frame and are locked using a simple key, locking the drawers in place.

Our vehicle storage drawers and sliding platforms are, in our opinion, not only one of the safest options out there but also the most stylish. All come in our fresh grey finish with our trademark green inserts. Our clever designs make a real difference ergonomically, helping reduce the stress and strain on your teams.

Contact us for more information about our drawers and accessories and try out our configurator to build your own van racking set-up and get a preview of how it will look in a crisp 3D environment.