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Reasons to buy crash-tested shelving for vans

A van spends many hours on the road, all year round, so the safety of both driver and equipment is a top priority. In this blog, we will explain why you should always choose crash-tested shelving for vans and other interior products for transport vehicles.

The road ー a risky place to work

Spending a lot of time behind the wheel increases the likelihood of being in a traffic accident. Every year, around 20-50 million people are injured in road traffic crashes worldwide. Craftsmen spend many hours on the road, often with heavy loads and equipment in the van.

System Edström has more than 60 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and selling van interiors. For us, safety is a key issue. We have chosen to crash-test our van interiors, including our shelving for vans, even though this isn’t a legal requirement. 

Vehicle shelving systems play an important role in making the mobile workplace as spacious as possible. In the event of a collision, even at low speeds, the shelves and everything placed on them risk causing serious damage to both driver and interior.

Three reasons for choosing crash-tested shelving for vans

  • Provides a safer work environment
  • Reduces the risk of damage to loads, materials, and equipment
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the van’s interior

As a seller of van shelving kits, we have a responsibility to ensure that our systems are safe. The van interior is not just functional storage, it is a safety feature of the van in itself. System Edström tests according to crash test standard NS286 to ensure that all our vehicle shelving systems make the working day as safe as possible. 

How System Edström’s vehicle shelving systems are tested

For our latest crash tests, we have chosen to test our van shelving kits and systems at RISEー Research Institutes of Sweden. RISE has collaboration programs with industry, the public sector and academia around the world. 

The test procedure for shelving for vans takes place on a crash sled, in exactly the same way it would be installed in a vehicle.

  1. The shelf is loaded with accurately calculated ballast weights that are cut to 80 % of the storage unit.
  2. The crash sled is then transported into a concrete wall at 31 MPH. The g-force is about 25G at this time.
  3. The interior is subjected to a second blow from behind, fractions of a second after the initial impact, just the way it would occur in a car crash. 
  4. The result of the crash-test is analysed.

For the products to be approved, the interior must only move within a certain specified dimension, and no loads or parts may fly off the shelves. 

How System Edström ensures secure van shelving kits

Our years of experience and results from our crash tests have given us knowledge of how shelving for vans should be designed to be as safe as possible ー both in the event of a crash and in user experience. Therefore, our shelves have 65 mm high barriers around the sides to ensure that your equipment remains in place. The upper shelf has a 180-degree overlap for extra stability.

If you would like to install our crash-tested shelving for vans in a single van or in a whole fleet, contact one of our approved dealers.

[Guide] Choosing the right van equipment for your vehicle fleet

You have probably seen your fair share of cargo holds where it looks like a bomb went off. Can you imagine the impression it instils in a customer? Plus, it is neither a fun nor safe environment to work in. Do not let this be your vehicle fleet, choose the right van equipment and van supplies for your vans.

Imagine yourself in a perfectly organised van where each tool, material and component have its own place and there is plenty of room to work. The challenge is to know what van accessories, equipment, and furnishings are right for you and your vans to create the ideal workspace.

An introduction to van accessories and equipment

One of the primary reasons businesses choose vans over trucks is how easy it is to create a tailored, mobile workplace that protects your employees’ tools and equipment and allows them to work efficiently when out in the field. Van equipment and supplies can be adapted in countless ways for specific industries and professions, from plumbers to electricians and many more, as well as the worker’s personal wishes and needs.

There is a huge range of van equipment and van accessories to choose from no matter what industry you and your vehicle fleet are in. But the question is: what do you need?

Essential equipment and supplies for vans

Does it take a long time for your employees to get started? Do they struggle to find the right tools in a reasonable amount of time? Or has the inside of the cargo space been damaged by loose tools and materials?

What type of van accessories and van equipment a person needs depends partly on their profession, but also their personal needs and how they like to work. The ideal setup of van equipment and van supplies is ultimately a tailor-made solution adapted to the individual person’s needs, requirements and wishes.

However, there are a couple of standard accessories and equipment that provide benefits and features for all professions, personalities, and types of vans.

1. Lighting

Good lighting is of great importance when the transport vehicle acts as a mobile workplace. It is a prerequisite for being able to work safely and efficiently regardless of the time of day.

2. Safety equipment

Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, lashing brackets, nylon straps, and rubber stretchers are all important equipment used to make the van a safe place to work.

3. Power supply

Charge battery-powered tools, run larger power tools, charge your mobile phone, or maybe even heat your lunch in a microwave? Power supply comes in handy for most mobile workplaces.

4. Furnishings for shelves and drawers

Plastic trays, compartments, removable cassette drawers. Shelves and drawers can be adapted in countless ways with the help of various van equipment to create a configuration adapted to each individual’s needs and wishes.

5. Tool holder

Hooks, holders, hose/cord holders and clamp fixes are a must have, creating a place to hang various tools, materials as well as clothes to free up floor space and ensure that the most important tools are always close at hand.

Choose the right equipment and supplies for your vehicle fleet with System Edström

It is not just the van racking that makes the transport van more flexible, safe and efficient. And this is just a taste of the van equipment and van supplies you can equip a van with. Accessories for transport vans are of great importance in the total solution that our dealers are more than happy to help you with while you look at van interiors.

Contact System Edström or one of our dealers today for help choosing the right van equipment and van supplies for you and your employees’ vans to turn them into efficient and safe mobile workplaces.


air suspension for van | System Edstrom

Why your van should have air suspension

Your van is probably one of your most important tools. That’s why it’s so important that it is comfortable and makes your work easier. Air suspension provides those advantages. In this blog, we’ll cover the subject of air suspension for vans: what it is, why you should upgrade your van with air suspension, and what kind of air suspension we offer. 

What is air suspension?

Air suspension is a type of suspension system that uses compressed air. The system contains air spring bellows, which are filled with air from either an on-board compressor powered by the van’s engine, or from a compressor you can usually find at petrol stations. A control valve is used to control the pressure of the air spring bellows, based on the weight of the van. The air is then transferred from the compressor to the control valve and the bellows by tubes and pipes. Depending on the design, there can be a control valve centrally monitoring the tyres, one for each wheel, or one for each axle. 

Bear in mind that air suspension does not replace the suspension already installed in your van – it complements the existing suspension system. The air suspension will not affect the general suspension in any negative way, nor will it increase the maximum load. 

Five reasons to upgrade

So, why should you upgrade your van with air suspension? There are lots of benefits for vans, pick-up trucks, motorhomes, and lorries equipped with extra air suspension. Here are five::

  1. A van with air suspension offers a much more comfortable driving experience. The suspension ensures your van stays at the same height no matter how heavy the cargo is.
  2. The suspension stabilises the van on the road and improves traction, which increases safety.
  3. The extra suspension provides fuel economy benefits by enabling you to lower the van when driving at high speeds. 
  4. Air suspension makes loading and unloading easier since you can both raise and lower the van. 
  5. Air suspension reduces the likelihood of your van getting stuck off-road or damaging the underbody from uneven or rough terrain and roads.

Equip your van for a more comfortable day on the road 

If you want to feel the difference with air suspension, we recommend equipping your van with an air suspension kit from MAD. If you choose a kit with an associated compressor, you will be able to adjust the suspension at your convenience from the passenger compartment. 

System Edström has installed van racking systems since 1958. Everything we do is based on experience, including our choice of complementary products and accessories. We have chosen to include MAD’s air suspension kits for vans in our assortment as we believe they are the best option on the market. 

Three air suspension kits from MAD’s offered by System Edström

  1. Double air cushion. Fully adjustable, dual chambers enable comfortable and safe driving in all conditions. For vans, larger trucks, and motorhomes.
  2. Black air suspension. Air cushions make the van more stable, comfortable and improve road traction when the van is heavily loaded or when towbars are used. For vans and pick-ups.
  3. Red air suspension. Suspension makes it easy to adjust the air pressure according to all circumstances. For smaller vehicles. 

If you want to increase the comfort and road traction, get your van air suspension from System Edström. You will find a wide range of van racking and complementary products through our dealer network

Van configurator – A convenient way to design the future mobile workplace

Choosing the van racking for a van is a complex process regardless if you’re designing your own van or ordering van racking for a vehicle fleet. Using System Edströms van configurator, you can design your own van racking within a digital 3D environment where you can see the van racking before you order it. It allows you to test and tweak different van racking setups to see what fits your needs the best. In this article, we’ll explore the functionality of our van configurator and how it can support you in designing van racking for a mobile workplace.

What is a van configurator?

A van configurator is a tool used to test and design van racking in a digital environment. The configurator allows you to observe the cargo space and van racking from different angles to make it easier to design the cargo space according to your needs. It also gives a good overview of details such as how much the van racking weights, how much it will cost, and the measurements of how high, wide, and deep the products are to make it easier to design the van racking according to the specifications of the van.

How can it help you choose the right van racking?

With the possibility to customise your van in a digital 3D environment, you can test different configurations and see which one matches your needs and wishes the best. We offer van racking for some of the market’s biggest car brands including Ford, Citroën, Iveco, Mercedes, Toyota, and many more. Designing your own van racking in our user-friendly van configurator, you’ll save both time and money, regardless if you’re supposed to furnish 1 or 50 vans.

Pick and choose in a wide assortment of van racking

Using System Edströms van configurator, it’s easy to see how the cargo space in a van will look like if you for example want to add a fake floor, add drawers, add another worktop, or install shelves. 

Four useful functionalities with our van configurator

  • 3D overview. See the van and van racking from different angles as it will look like in real life.
  • Measurement tool. See measurements for different components and products and take measurements yourself from point A to point B to learn how much you can fit in the cargo space.
  • Lock configuration. Lock a design you’re satisfied with to prevent elements from moving around.
  • Save as a PDF. Save your van racking configuration as a PDF to show it to one of System Edströms dealers.

When you’re satisfied with a configuration, it’s time to order it. The most convenient way to do this is to send a quotation request to us at System Edströms or one of our dealers near you. When you design your own van with the help of our dealers, you receive a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and the installation. If you choose to install it yourself, you still receive a 3-year warranty on the van racking.

Customise your own van racking using our van configurator today. 

vehicle storage | System Edstrom

Types of vehicle storage drawers

Vehicle storage drawers are among the first things people think about when talking about van racking. Vehicle drawers are an essential part of any storage system in a van, regardless of size or model. They help keep your tools, materials and components safe, off the floor and easy to find.

So, what types of vehicle storage drawers are there?

1. Workbench drawers

Workbench vehicle storage drawers are one of the most common types of drawers that pretty much every van racking setup will include. Usually, they will be a mix of one-compartment drawers to store bigger items, and drawers with several compartments to store smaller items and components. The drawers are mostly used to store the tools and materials you need close at hand when working on something at a workbench. 

2. Toolbox drawers

Toolbox vehicle drawers offer a flexible solution. Here, the drawer is a toolbox instead of a permanent compartment. You can pull the toolbox out and take it with you, so you have all your tools and materials on site and don’t have to go back and forth between the storage unit and the toolbox.

3. Underfloor drawers

Underfloor (or false-floor) vehicle storage drawers are a favourite of ours, as well as many builders, plumbers and electricians. By utilising the unused floor space, you can securely store more things whilst leaving room for larger cargo or additional storage solutions up top. This is a simple, effective storage solution that helps you make the most of your cargo space.

Underfloor drawers can be installed either through the van’s rear or side doors, or both if required, providing plenty of storage space at a convenient height.

4. Shelf/rack long drawers

Shelf/rack long drawers are pretty much identical to workbench drawers, but fitted to a shelf or a rack. They are also much longer, as the name suggests. We use these drawers for our underfloor storage solutions, but can be used both underneath and above the floor to great effect.

Buy vehicle drawers and accessories from System Edström

We offer two standard depths for our standard vehicle storage drawers: 300 mm and 470 mm. The widths available are 302 mm, 392 mm, 605 mm and 784 mm. Heights available are 110 mm and 220 mm. The regular 392 mm drawer is also available with a 165 mm height. Read our product catalogue for more details about each vehicle drawer.

To complement our drawers, we offer locking bars for our vehicle drawers and sliding shelves, making life harder for potential thieves. The locking bars mount on a shelf frame and are locked using a simple key, locking the drawers in place.

Our vehicle storage drawers and sliding platforms are, in our opinion, not only one of the safest options out there but also the most stylish. All come in our fresh grey finish with our trademark green inserts. Our clever designs make a real difference ergonomically, helping reduce the stress and strain on your teams.

Contact us for more information about our drawers and accessories and try out our configurator to build your own van racking set-up and get a preview of how it will look in a crisp 3D environment.

Tips for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians on good accessories for vans

The van is essentially your right man hand. It carries your tools and helps you get to your destination. But just having a van doesn’t cut it. In the end, it can be so much more when equipped with the right kind of van racks and accessories.

It goes without saying, a plumber does not use the same tools as an electrician in their work, nor does a carpenter. Using the same reasoning, neither do they need the same kind of accessories for vans.

There’s a great variety when it comes to accessories for vans. It is therefore important to take your time and think about your needs before you make a purchase. If you’re unsure, you can always contact System Edström or one of our dealers and we’ll help you design the ideal van racking for your needs.

To get you started, here are some tips on van rack accessories for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

Van rack accessories for carpenters

Feeling the strain of crawling around on your cargo space floor every day? How do you access the tools and equipment furthest back? Consider investing in one or all of the following accessories for vans:

  • Double floor. With a double floor it’s easier to access your tools and equipment without having to crawl into the cargo space. As a carpenter, you need robust tools that can withstand tough handling. The same applies to your van rack accessories. 
  • Rubber mats. A rubber mat is a simple solution to make sure materials and equipment don’t fly around when in transit. Thus, not risking damaging the van interior or the tools.
  • Lighting. The lighting that comes with the van is often at times rather lacklustre. Switch out the roof light to something that doesn’t force you to use your cellphone to light up the dark spots.
  • Hangers and hooks. Use unused wall space for a place to hang your gloves, extra clothes, or dry wet clothes.
  • Ladder holder. To make the most out of your cargo space, invest in a ladder holder. Hang up your ladder on the roof to free up floor space for other things you need to bring with you, or simply to install additional van rack accessories such as shelves or additional drawers.

Van rack accessories for plumbers

If you’re a plumber, you probably have a plethora of pipes and tubes in different shapes and sizes rolling around the floor. To get a better overview when you open the door to your van, we’d suggest investing in the following van rack accessories:

  • Wall box. A wall box helps you separate the different pipes and tubes from each other and give you the possibility to store things in their own place for easier access. 
  • Tube box. Store smaller tubes in a box to make sure they don’t go flying during transit, damaging them or other equipment in the cargo space. It also gives you a better overview of your inventory and leaves a more clean impression with your clients.
  • Vice bench. A vice bench should be considered if you regularly need to cut copper pipes and similar. 
  • Plastic bins. Use different sized plastic bins to sort tube parts to keep track of your inventory and quickly find the things you need.

Van rack accessories for electricians

Last but not least, the electrician, a professional who needs access to maybe hundreds of different types of cables and other small electrical components. Consider the following accessories for vans:

  • Cable shelf. A cable shelf enables easier access and a better overview of all your cables, allowing for better storage opportunities for other things in your cargo space.
  • Ladder holder. Make use out of every inch of your cargo space by installing a ladder holder on the roof. It makes it easy to both bring out and put back your ladder whenever you need it. And it won’t take up unnecessary space that can be put to good use for other stuff.
  • Plastic bins. They are pretty much universally useful for every type of professional utilising a work van. We’d always recommend plastic boxes over cardboard simply because cardboard is a lot more fragile than plastic, and because they are transparent, allowing you to get a better view of everything inside.

For more tips on useful van racks and accessories, contact System Edström or one of our dealers today. We help you create the perfect cargo space according to your needs and wants. We’d highly recommend trying out our configurator to design a cargo space in a 3D environment, test different setups and see what best fits you.

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Van racking companies vs DIY projects

Do It Yourself or contact van racking companies? What’s the best option when you’re considering investing in automotive racking systems and van accessories for your service van?

As with most things, there’s not always a clear answer as both options have their own merits and demerits. For example, while DIY van racking is cheaper, it’s also very time consuming to build it yourself. 

To shed some light upon a discussion that’s been ongoing within the van racking industry for a long time, in this article we’ll give you a clear answer on what’s the best: building your own automotive racking systems or seeking professional help from van racking companies.

DIY projects

DIY projects in all honour. They are a fun and challenging way to build van racking, helping you prove and polish your skills as a craftsman. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of DIY van racking.


  • Cheap. DIY automotive racking systems can be extremely cheap as the only real cost is the materials you buy. Finding a cheap dealer can cut costs significantly.
  • Tailor-made. You’re in full control of the van racking. You can design it however you want all according to your needs and wants.
  • Fun & Challenging. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment creating something from scratch. It’s not only fun, but it’s also a rewarding experience putting your skills to the test and honing them even further.


  • Time-consuming. While DIY van racking might be cheap, there’s still a price to pay: time. 
  • Safety concerns. It goes without saying, DIY van racking is very rarely up to safety standards since it hasn’t been tested in the same way professional van racking systems are.
  • Lacks flexibility. DIY automotive racking systems lack a certain type of flexibility. If another need arises or you want to complement it with additional van racking, it’s back to the drawing board.
  • No insurance. Unfortunately, as it’s not tested, DIY racking does not come with insurance. The responsibility of the van racking will be all on you. 

Van racking companies

So, how are van racking companies different? 


  • Wide range of solutions. While not perfectly tailor-made to the smallest detail, it might as well be. Van racking companies offer a wide range of van racking solutions, allowing you to create the perfect cargo space according to your needs.
  • Easy and fast. Van racking companies take care of the whole process for you by helping you find the ideal solution for your needs and then installing it for you.
  • Safe. As these are prefabricated solutions, they’ve been regularly tested and optimised several times over to make sure they uphold all safety standards.
  • Insured. While this is not true for all van racking companies, it certainly is with System Edström. We give you a 5-year warranty on all van racking as well as the installation (3 years on the van racking if you decide to install it yourself).


  • More expensive than DIY. While it is more expensive than a DIY project, it’s not a significant difference.

We racked our brains to find more disadvantages of buying van racking from van racking companies to give the impression of being as objective as possible, but we can’t for the life of us find another one…

Which option is the best?

We’d say the winner is clear: van racking companies. The only thing favouring DIY van racking would be the price, and maybe not getting that special sense of accomplishment building it yourself. But can you really put a price on safety?

If you’re looking for professional automotive racking systems, contact System Edström today. We’ll help you create the ideal, tailor-made solution according to your needs and wants. Try our configurator to design and see your van racking in a digital 3D environment.


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How vehicle storage systems help you make the most out of your cargo space

A properly organised van storage is essential for any business using a cargo van in their daily work. Keeping things in order not only makes everything easier to find and keep track of supply but also reduces the risk of the equipment being damaged.

But where to start? What to get? How to organise it?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve compiled this guide on vehicle storage systems so you have one less thing to worry about.

Vehicle storage racking

There are loads of different easy and cost-efficient vehicle storage racking solutions bringing order to your cargo space. Whether it’s small plastic bins, large shelves and drawers, or a false floor, there’s a vehicle storage racking system for every type of van and needs. It all depends on the size of your van and how much space you have.

Bins, boxes, nets

Simple bins, boxes, and nets are ideal vehicle storage racking for smaller vans. They’re light, small and easy to install. Of course, they work equally well in larger vans also, adding some extra storage space for loose items to supplement the larger storage spaces.

  • Work van storage bins come in all shapes and sizes. Larger stacking bins are ideal if you’re looking for a more adaptable way to carry larger items, or why not go for a panel with multiple smaller bins for easy access and storage of smaller items?
  • Storage boxes tend to be larger than bins, able to be stacked on top of each other to make the most out of the cargo space. They also come with a lid to keep the items safe and secure.
  • Van storage nets are great for keeping loose items from rolling around during transit and makes the most out of walls and smaller spaces. They can attach to any surface to keep the cargo space clutter-free and are both super light and easy to install.

OBS! System Edström does not offer storage boxes or nets, but we would still recommend buying some to make the most out of your cargo space. 

Shelves, drawers, secure storage

For vans on the bigger side, vehicle storage racking such as shelves, drawers, and secure storage is almost always essential to keep the cargo space organized. These larger, more capable storage solutions help you make the most out of your available cargo space with heavy-duty construction and ample storage space.

  • Shelving makes the most out of the vertical space, providing ample space to store your items. Larger flat van shelves are ideal for bigger boxes and bins, while shelving units with smaller cubby holes allows you to separate loose items and more easily keep track of them.
  • Heavy-duty van storage drawers are ideal for keeping expensive items and/or fragile items safe. Lockable drawers add an extra layer of security whilst larger cabinets of drawers add lots of storage space. 

How to organise your work van

But the vehicle storage system is not everything, equally important is HOW you organise your van’s cargo space. How you want to organise your van depends on what you use it for, but here are a few general tips on how to properly organise your van to ensure efficiency in your daily work:

  • Label everything! By labelling, colour-coding, or in some way marking your storage spaces, it makes it easier to find any item, as well as making it quicker to put them away. 
  • Store large and heavy items by the door. By keeping larger and heavy items by the door, it reduces the distance you have to carry heavier or awkwardly shaped pieces of equipment through the cargo space. Always load heavy objects as close to the floor as possible.
  • Group similar items together. The most efficient way to store your van is by grouping similar items together. Doing so makes it easier to keep track of where everything is at all times.
  • Create task-oriented toolboxes for daily tasks. When you need to carry out a specific task, just locate the allocated toolbox and everything you need is one place where you won’t have to search for each item. 
  • Make it easy to put things away. To ensure everything is kept where it’s meant to be, make it as effortless as possible to put away your equipment. This makes packing away quick and convenient, which means you’re less likely to give up and dump the items in the wrong place.

Invest in-vehicle storage systems from System Edström

System Edström offers both standard and customised van racking solutions. Whichever industry you’re in, we provide you with a complete range of high-quality vehicle storage systems to ensure the inside of your van is as flexible and safe as possible. 

Drawing tool 

If you’re unsure about what products and systems to decorate your van with, we recommend you use our high-tech drawing program to plan and create the outlines for your vehicle in 3D. You can draw layouts and test different internal van racking systems to see what suits you and your van best, either on your own or together with one of our dealers.