Ford Transit Van Racking for All Your Business Needs

Most van racking solutions offer a variety of customizable systems for vehicles such as Ford, Fiat, Iveco, VW, Citroen, Nissan and Renault panel vans. When it comes to Ford van racking systems, functionality and safety definitely come first. Ranging from shelving and storage to roof racks and more, Ford van racking accessories have business owners spoilt for choice. Read more

Reasons to Get Your Fiat Van Racking Done Professionally

To optimize your van fully, especially if you are a tradesperson, van racking is a must. A Fiat van is easy to customize as per the customer’s needs. A lot of people try to install the racking themselves and end up not completely utilizing the space provided to them, and it results in an inaccessible van which is uncomfortable for use.

There are different types of racking solutions available for installation. The customised Fiat van racking solutions are dependent solely on you and your preferences. Different models of the car have different options available, and professional van racking service providers know what the best fit for your van would be.

Following are a few reasons to invest in professional help to install van racking in your Fiat:

Durability of Your Fiat Van Racking Accessories

The purchase and installation of storage for your van can be an expensive affair, especially if you are just starting out with your business. Getting the installation done professionally will make sure there are no mistakes. Also, the companies usually provide some form of warranty with the installation as well. So, if there are any issues with the racks, they can be fixed immediately.

This ensures your racking not only looks great, but also functions perfectly for years to come.

Customized Van Racking Options

Depending on which Fiat van you own, there are various options available for customization. The customization options depend on factors such as space utilization and storage capacity. Mid-range vans have a different racking capacity than small-sized vans.

For example, the mid-range Fiat Doblo van racking options will be based on the amount of storage space available and the kind of purpose it is serving. For a slightly larger model, Fiat Scudo, van racking solutions will vary because of the increase in storage space. The most amount of flexibility that you can get with customization is with Fiat Ducato van racking options.

The perfect van does not depend on the size. You can speak to a professional to create innovative configurations that suit your van best to create a space that functions best for you. There are multiple options ranging from hooks, shelves, holders, cases, panels and more. These are all adjustable based on your van’s height, width, etc.

Safety Concerns Addressed by Professionals

Fiat van racking, when done by professionals addresses most safety concerns that a van owner could have. The racking is usually tested for accidents to make it a sturdy and reliable product. Customer safety is a priority for professionals, so they ensure the storage equipment and accessories are in perfect condition. They also make sure that the installation process has no glitches in it, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Professionals get no benefit from manufacturing or installing ill-fitted van racking solutions because this only results in a bad name for their company. They also have years of innovation and experience behind them when it comes to these products, which makes the company trustworthy and reliable. Therefore to ensure maximum safety of your van’s storage, professional installation is ideal.

5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Vehicle Racking

The mobile routine that craftsmen lead compels them to have a fast paced life. To find a perfect solution for the constant rush, it is imperative for them to invest in professional quality vehicle racking. Making use of this service helps tradesmen to get work done faster, be load free and be secure of all the essentials required. Today, the market offers a number of vehicle racking systems , that are suitable for varied type of vehicles. These systems maximise usable load space, organize the vehicle and in-turn reduce the hassle. The most prominent advantage of these systems is that they are made for rough and rugged use, which best suits a craftsman’s life. There is no denying that vehicle racking solutions are an absolute must for smooth functioning craftsmen. So, here are 5 major reasons to invest in professional vehicle racking.

Highly Durable

Tradesmen should definitely invest in these systems as they are long-lasting. Plus, they are the best option when to keep clean and have a mess free vehicle. Vehicle racking systems more often than not, cover 2-3 lifecycles, making the option most durable. This feature gives an add-on value to these systems making it a more attractive option.

Safe Alternative

The most eminent reason of investing in vehicle racking is that this option is the safest option. These systems allow tradesmen to carry all of their tools and equipments without any load and protect them in their vehicle. This allows them to focus more on their work and ultimately increases productivity from their end. Investing in this solution will only help them to get more work done and on a faster pace.

Reduces Fuss

The whole idea of vehicle racking is to keep a vehicle fuss free. This only means that investing in these systems allows craftsmen to keep all of their essentials well organized, thus leading to getting work done faster. The less mess, the more productivity, is the whole concept of these systems. This also means that it saves a lot of time searching for tools, equipment etc. So, investing in vehicle racking systems is definitely the best option to keep vehicles clean, structured and save a whole lot of time.

Exceptionally Flexible

Investing in vehicle racking is a great option since the flexibility that these systems offer is huge. These systems are made to fit all kinds of tools and equipment and are made in the most customizable manner. These systems allow craftsment to store tools and equipments according to their need as the shelfs present in the vehicle are highly adjustable and interchangeable.

Budget Friendly

Considering the durability of the vehicle racking systems , it can be best said that they are a budget friendly option. The reason they are considered affordable is not only for their durability factor but the amount of money saved on fuel too. To explain further, these systems enable craftsmen to carry different tools and equipments required for various task all at once. Thus, saving the commute time as well as the money invested in fuel.

To put it simply, investing in vehicle racking does add a lot of credibility to the work undertaken by craftsmen. As it definitely increases productivity also it is a well thought investment which has more than advantage to offer.

System Edström Race van adds motorsport sparkle

We like to set ourselves a challenge at System Edström. And that’s what we’ve done with our Ford Transit Courier race van.

The idea came from a conversation with Ford about future power trains. UK Managing Director Peter Corderey explained: “We were discussing how, in the future, many people will be looking at buying vans with the Ford EcoBoost engines, which can then have the power curve adjusted to suit their needs.

“That got us to thinking about what we could do. So, we purchased a Ford Transit Courier with a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine and re-engineered it to take up from 100bhp to around 150bhp. We then added a coilover suspension, fitted a roll cage, racing seats and harnesses.”

We think the finished article looks absolutely fantastic. And it’s practical, too. We fitted the back of the van with a full set of System Edström racking to make it its own pit crew vehicle as well as a race van.

David Sawford of System Edström’s communications team said: “Throughout 2019, we’ll be taking our iconic Ford Transit Courier race van to leading motorsport events across the UK. It’s also available to any Ford Transit Centres who’d like to borrow it to display in their showrooms. We think it will add a bit of racing glamour to showrooms and be a real talking point for customers.”

If you’d like to play host to our Ford Transit Courier race van at your showroom during the year, contact the communications team at System Edström on 01536 203040.


Edstrom of Sweden – now member of Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program at Ford


Light commercial vehicles racking specialist System Edström has been accepted as a Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM).

Ford Motor Company Conversion Development Manager Ron Waldock presented the QVM certification to System Edström UK Managing Director Peter Corderey at the company’s Corby headquarters last week.

Acceptance on the QVM programme shows that a converter meets the high standards set by Ford. System Edström’s recognition as a QVM converter is
testament to the high quality of the company’s products, the expertise of its workmanship and the level of service it gives its customers.

It also reflects the level of investment made by the company’s Swedish parent over the past year. The company has invested more than £0.5 million in increasing its workshop size and vehicle parking facilities, giving it the capacity to convert around 5,000 vehicles every year.

Ron Waldock said: “The Qualified Vehicle Modifier programme was set up to make sure any conversion is carried out to the best possible standard. It doesn’t come
lightly – we don’t just hand it out to anybody.

“I’d like to thank Peter and his whole team for achieving the QVM. They’ve put an incredible amount of hard work into. This will bring more peace of mind to our
customers that the job System Edström does is up to the exacting standards of Ford.”

Peter Corderey, Managing Director Edstrom of Sweden commented, “We’re very pleased to be awarded Fords’ QVM, it’s a testament to the hard work and
dedication of the whole team, in achieving this accolade; and it gives our customers the reassurance that our installations are second to none!”

Our dedicated web page for Ford specific conversions can be found here:

More information on Ford QVM conversions is available here:


Note to editors:

System Edström was established in Sweden in 1958. The company provides flexible van racking solutions for a range of businesses. Its unique modular designs mean that the company can meet the internal shelving and storage requirements for tradespeople in any industry:

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Press Contacts:

David Sawford – Communications Team: 01536 20 30 40
Edstrom of Sweden Ltd – 7 Cronin Road, Weldon South Industrial Estate, Corby.
Northants. NN18 8AQ