Buy van racking systems for the entire Ford transit model series at System Edstrom

The Ford Transit, also known as the Ford T-Series, includes four light commercial vehicles, all of which are world-famous. Since its launch in 1965, the Ford T-series has distinguished itself for its capacity, convenience, and reliability. At System Edström, you will find a complete range of high-quality van racking systems for the entire Ford Transit series. We offer full van racking system proposals developed to fit your specific vehicle. You also have the opportunity to tailor the transit van racking systems to suit your particular needs. You can easily choose to remove or add interior components to already finished proposals or create your very own car interior from scratch.

The Ford Transit series

The concept and brand of Ford Transit includes a comprehensive series of models with award-winning commercial vehicles: Transit, Connect, Custom, and Courier.

Ford Transit 

Almost 60 years ago, the first Ford Transit made its entrance into this world. With a cargo space of up to 15.1 cubic meters, you can load the vehicle with materials with a length of more than three meters. At the same time, the Ford Transit has a load capacity of 2.1 tones, which means that it can transport most things. System Edström has manufactured van racking systems for Ford Transit for a long time, so we know what we’re about. We offer everything from straightforward storage equipment to smart lighting. System Edström has developed specially designed van racking systems for the entire Ford T-series, creating effective mobile workplaces streamlining your workday

Ford Connect 

At System Edström, you will also find a wide range of transit van racking systems and shelving for the Ford Connect, giving you full control over your tools, materials and components. The Ford Connect has a sophisticated look, modern and updated design, and new and more advanced technology than its predecessor, Transit. The developed technology has led to improved fuel economy and lower emissions, which has resulted in lower operating costs.

Ford Custom 

Ford Custom constitutes a great mobile workplace while at the same time offering an outstanding driving experience in class with the best passenger cars. Custom has always excelled through its robust quality, functionality, and reliability, which gets even better with a full van racking system from System Edström.

Ford Courier

Ford Courier can load and transport up to 600 kg. With a complete van racking system for the Ford Transit series, System Edström gives you the right conditions to perform a professional job. Ford Courier has a cargo space of 2.3 cubic meters, which means this vehicle provides you with 10% more cargo volume than other similar-sized cars.

General installation instructions

To get the best results possible, we recommend that you contact System Edström or one of our dealers when installing your Ford Transit vehicle’s van racking system. We make sure to install the interior properly. Besides a professional installation, you also receive a 5-year guarantee on both the van racking system and its assembly. If you choose to install the van racking system yourself, we will still give you a 3-year warranty on the van racking. Installation instructions are always included in the delivery of your van racking.

Explore the range of van racking systems for the entire series of Ford Transit at System Edstrom

System Edström is one of the largest manufacturers of van racking systems for light commercial vehicles in Europe. With 60 years of experience, we are specialists in creating functional and safe workplaces. With us, you will find ready-made interior proposals for the entire series of Ford Transits vehicles while at the same time having the opportunity to adapt the packages according to your specific needs. Visit our website and explore our assortment today.


5 reasons to install shelving for vans

Shelving for vans and other van racking can transform your vehicle into a mobile and efficient workstation specifically tailored for your wants and needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber or an electrician, there are vehicle shelving systems for all trades and industries.

In this article we’ll cover our top five reasons why you should invest in shelving for vans.

1. Save time

Shelving for vans creates a tidy and organised cargo space where everything has its own place. It allows you to find what you need, when you need it, quickly and easily. Having vehicle shelving systems also makes it a lot easier to keep track of how much of each of your materials and parts you currently possess.

2. Save money

A disorganised cargo space where everything is jumbled up in one big pile on the floor is not only hard to manage, it also takes up much more space than it requires. With shelving for vans, your cargo space can reach its full potential where you can get every single tool, part and material sorted. By decluttering your cargo space you’ll soon notice how much space you can save, even to the extent where you could go down a van size and still accommodate all your equipment and materials.

In the long run, this might save you a substantial amount of money, as smaller vehicles on average cost a lot less both to buy and service.

Vehicle shelving systems also prevent parts, tools and materials from getting damaged as they will be in a protected, stable space.

3. Protect your tools

Shelving for vans and other van racking guarantees that your tools will be safe and sound. Having tools on the floor risks them getting stepped on. They could also shift around the cargo space when you’re out driving, damaging both the tools and potentially the cargo space.

4. Create a lasting first impression

The first impression is very important, because in the end, you only get one. Trust can be improved and be destroyed in several ways. With a vehicle shelving system, you create an orderly cargo space that will give your clients a professional impression, leading to them hiring you again and spreading your good reputation by word of mouth.

5. Prevent stress and frustration

With your tools, parts and materials being safe and sound – even in a crash – and organised in a way where you can find the required equipment in a moment’s notice, you will save yourself a lot of trouble without any unnecessary stress or frustration.

Build your vehicle shelving systems with System Edström

Whatever type of van you drive, however big it is, or what your needs are – we have the solution for you. We offer tailor-made shelving for vans and can help you from start to finish with the planning, the van shelving installation and continuous service for your van shelving.

  •     All our van racking is crash-tested. We also give you a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and installation, if System Edström installs it for you. If you decide to install it yourself, you still receive a 3-year warranty on the van racking. Contact System Edström to get started today, or test-build your van racking in our 3D configuration program on our website here.

Work van accessories for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians

System Edström offers a wide range of work van accessories and van interior parts supporting a wide range of professionals in keeping their tools, materials, and consumables safe and in order, both when out on the road and on-site.

With a wide range of different types of lightweight shelves, drawers in different sizes, specialized tool holders, and mobile tool cases, there’s a solution in our offering for every possible storage problem imaginable.

Down below you’ll find the reasons why one should invest in accessories for the interior of their van, specific for three different types of trades: carpenter, plumbers, and electricians. Even though it’s great having access to a wide array of different work van accessories, there’ll always be ideas and solutions unique to you and your trade.

Work van accessories for carpenters

Kitting out your van with a tailor-made van interior parts sends a professional message to your clients: “This is a serious craftsman”. But maybe even more important, it makes your job easier and more effective. Regardless if it’s about keeping your screws in order, or that your screwdriver always needs to be close-by and reachable, or to make sure your power tools are safely stored when not in use, you’ll find every work van accessories you might need at System Edström.

Work van accessories for plumbers

With their wide array of different consumables including screws, valves, tapes and thousand other things to keep track of, plus a range of different tools such as screwdrivers and spanners, there are several benefits to investing in professional van racking and different work van accessories. Not only does it leave a serious and professional image of you with your clients, it also supports your daily work, making it both faster and more effective.

Work van accessories for electricians

Make sure you always find the correct fuse when you need it. Get a hold of your cables without having to dig through a mountain of cables in the box where it’s located. Regardless the type of work you’re on, a professionally kitted storage space with different types of work van accessories will help you save space, show your clients you’re a serious craftsman, and in general: make your daily work more effective.

Invest in professional van accessories for the interior from System Edström

Even if you’re not a carpenter, plumber, or electrician, it doesn’t mean you can’t’ reap the benefits of a custom van interior kits for your work van. Painters and decorators, mobile dog groomers, locksmiths and a plethora of other trades can save both space and keep their tools and materials both more orderly and safer in their van storage. Head on over to our van accessories page and explore our wide offering of different crash-tested work van accessories today. Or simply contact us directly and we’ll help you create a tailor-made van racking solution according to your needs and demands.

Work van storage accessories to save space and create order

Keeping it orderly in a work van storage is a vital aspect of any business or self-employed worker that uses cargo vans in their daily work. This makes everything easier to find, allows for more things to be carried, and reduces the risk of the equipment getting damaged. But where to start? What type of van racking should you get?

Don’t worry, these questions will be answered further down where we’ll introduce a few work van storage ideas that will help you save space, as well as keep it orderly in your van.

Smaller plastic bins, large shelves and drawers. There are a bunch of different easy and cost-effective alternatives to design an efficient cargo space. There’s something for every type of van, it all depends on the size of your van, and how big of a cargo space you have.

Work van storage bins and boxes

Work van storage accessories such as bins and boxes are ideal for all types of vans regardless of size and type. Light, small, and easy to install – what more can you ask for? They provide a safe and reachable place to store loose items and acts as a supplement to  bigger work van storage spaces.

Work van storage bins come in all shapes and sizes where there’s something for everyone. For example, carry-bins with see through dividers and a lid that allows it to be used as a portable assortment box, or simple plastic bins to be placed on shelves. Work van storage bins help in creating a clutter-free cargo space where all your tools and materials will be stored in a safe and accessible place.

Work van storage shelves and under-floor drawers

Van shelves and false-floor drawers are solutions on the bigger side allowing you to make the most of your cargo space both horizontally and vertically:

  • Work van shelving allows you to make the most out of the vertical space and create plenty of areas to place bins and boxes to store tools and materials in a safe and reachable place.
  • Under-floor drawers are significantly bigger than normal drawers and are usually installed, as the name implies, underneath a false floor. Under-floor drawers allow you to make the most out of the space under the false floor, providing you a safe and flexible place to store your tools and materials. If you wish for these kinds of drawers above a floor, they work best in the bigger van models.

Build your own work van storage systems with System Edström

Contact System Edström for more work van storage ideas and to get started on creating your own work van storage systems today. We offer one of the markets most flexible van racking for the mobile workplace where we’ll help you get your hands on the best van racking, tailored to your needs and wants.

Van Racking Tool Holder | System Edström

4 van tool storage ideas for optimizing the cargo space

The painter has their brushes, a writer his/her pencil or computer, and the musician his/her instrument. Regardless of what type of job, the tools are one of the most important aspects of it and need to be taken cared of with utmost concern.

It is no different for carpenters or plumbers.

In this article we will present and discuss a few van tool storage ideas which do not only help in taking care of the tools, making them last longer, but also van storage ideas to create an optimized layout of the van where you’ll be able to find the tools you need quick and easy. Because with an optimized cargo space, you will be able to carry all required tools and equipment you need and avoid mix-ups or have to repeat journeys, while also leaving a professional impression on your clients.

Under floor drawers

One of the most popular van storage solutions are under floor drawers, so-called false floors. This is performed simply by raising the floor and fitting the space under it with floor drawers, both at the rear and the sides of the van, exploiting space that otherwise would go unused.

Under floor drawers help you make the most of available space and ensure every tool you own is easily accessible, as well as safely secure when out on the road.

Internal ladder holders

Ladders are as bulky as they are heavy. For these reasons alone, a lot of workers prefer to store their ladders on the outside of the van, either on the roof or on the side of the van. This could prove to be a safety risk down the line. Imagine driving down the highway and suddenly the ladder comes loose, coming crashing down on the car behind, or sliding under their wheels, there is no telling what could happen. Not to mention that a visible ladder is much more prone to getting stolen.

Your alternative van storage solution in this case would be internal ladders holders mounted on the roof of the van. It nullifies both safety risks by being inside the van rather than outside.

Different tools holders

Your work van is a fundamental part of your profession, where an optimized and effective storage system is essential. Rather than having all your tools rolling around on the floor, damaging both the van and each other, a wall with hooks and holders is one of the best van tool storage ideas we know of. They not only make sure your tools are safe and sound, it also allows for easy access to them.


Last but not least of our van tool storage ideas: safes. While we at System Edström do not personally offer them, we nonetheless recommend investing in one. Tools are expensive, at least some of them, and to make sure nothing of value gets stolen if a break-in happens, or to prevent a fellow worker from “borrowing” your tools for an extended period of time, storing your most valuable tools in a safe will help prevent this.

Tailor-made van storage solutions

Contact System Edström today for more van tool storage ideas or to get started on creating your own van storage solution based on your wants and needs. We offer a wide arrange of different van racking for different vans including:

Why you should avoid using DIY van racking plans and guides found online

If you scour the internet on how to make van racking you usually end up on one of two pages:

  • Van racking offered by professional companies such as System Edström
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guides with van racking plans

DIY projects in all honor. They can save you money and are usually both a fun and challenging project that helps you prove and polish your skills. But there are a few drawbacks by looking up van racking plans online and building it yourself. So, if you’ve Googled “How to make van racking?” and you’ve happened to click on this article: take a minute and read about why you should avoid using online van racking plans, and instead order a custom solution of van racking from System Edström.

Reasons to avoid

Here are 4 reasons why should avoid going the DIY-route using online van racking plans and instead opt for buying van racking solutions from System Edström.

1. Time-consuming

Building your own van racking takes time. There are several time-consuming steps you will need to take before your van is read to go. First of is the planning stage, a stage that can’t be rushed as the whole van racking relies on it. If even the slightest miscalculation is present, the van racking plans could become unusable and you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Next, building it. It’s going to take time cutting and shaping the van racking. It requires both skill and patience and it’s not something you will be able to finish on your Saturday afternoon.

In contrast, when buying a custom solution of van racking from System Edström, most of the work is already done. You can pick and choose from a great range of different van racking and adjust according to your wants and needs and get it installed for you all in a fraction of the time it takes to creating it yourself.

2. Safety concerns

It goes without saying, a DIY project is usually not up to safety standards because it simply hasn’t been tested. This is probably the biggest concern when using online van racking plans and building van racking yourself. Your safety is priority number one and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The benefit of System Edströms van racking is that it’s undergone rigorous quality and safety testing. System Edström has conducted and received approved crash tests via RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB according to INRS NS 286.

3. Lacks flexibility

DIY van racking lacks crucial flexibility, if another need arises or you want to complement your van racking with additional things, it’s back to the drawing board.

In comparison, with System Edström van racking you can always add more or switch out parts whenever you need. It’s also backwards compatible which means that there is not problem if or when switch van to bring your van racking.

4. No insurance

Unfortunately, your DIY-van racking does not come with an insurance. The responsibility will be all on you.

In comparison, at System Edström and our dealers you will receive a 5-year warranty on all van racking as well as the installation (3 years on the van racking if you choose to install it yourself).

Contact System Edström for customized van racking solutions today

Hopefully by this point you might have a better idea of why you should avoid using online van racking plans and DIY-project, and instead invest in a customized van racking solution from System Edström.

Contact us or one of our dealers today to get started on creating your ideal mobile workplace.


In the spotlight: Ford Transit shelving

Ford – one of the world’s biggest car companies with a prestige to match. While they are most known for their private cars, their vans are certainly nothing to scoff at, namely the Ford Transit series. The compact yet flexible Transit Courier, the sophisticated and modern Transit Connect, the robust and innovative Transit Custom, and the smart and powerful Transit Van.

All of them unique and amazing in their own way. But in this article the spotlight won’t be on the different kinds of vehicles Ford offers, no, in this article we will speak about the things you usually don’t see. The equipment working from behind the scene, namely Ford Transit shelving – one of the most important and useful parts within the wide range of Ford van accessories.

In this article we will go over what kinds of different Ford Transit shelving there is, how you go about getting your hands on your own Ford van shelving, and how it can benefit you.

Ford Transit shelving

We offer fully adjustable and customizable shelving and other van racking for the Ford Transit series, allowing them to fit into any racking configuration.

The two standard depths are 300 mm and 470 mm, where they all have a 180 degree overlap on the upper edge, and 65 mm sides keeping your tools and materials safe at all times. The width is fully adjustable where we offer a narrow 160mm shelf which can be mounted near the van roof, possible to equip with both telescopic and fixed width.

Other Ford Transit shelving van accessories for the Custom, Connect, Courier and Van include rubber mats to protect your tools and reduce noise, as well as easily attachable shelf dividers to keep cartons and other storage units in place.


Drop-front shelves

If you have never heard the term “drop-front shelves”, it’s a type of shelf with a fold-down front, and no lip. It provides easy access to your boxes where you can pull them straight out.

They are suitable for fitting either at ground level, or on top of your racking and are suitable for loads up to 70kg. They are available in our standard depths, with the following widths:

          605 mm

          784 mm

          907 mm

          997 mm

          1176 mm

Benefits of shelving

Having shelving helps you optimize the limited space of your cargo space. Shelving is a necessity if you are aiming to achieve a more organized, efficient, productive, safe and orderly work environment.

It provides you with a place to store materials and tools, so you will not risk tripping over them when on the floor. It will act as an assurance that your tools and other equipment will be stored in a safe location and remain undamaged.

Not only that, tools and materials which have not been stored properly could present a life-threatening or at least very damaging risk if you happen to have to suddenly break hard or are involved in a crash.

How do I buy Ford Transit shelving?

At System Edström we give you the option to buy van racking system for the Ford Transit either directly from our website, or through our dealer network – the choice is yours.

You can also contact us directly if you are unsure on how to proceed and we’ll guide you through the process of equipping your Ford Transit Connect, Courier, Custom or Van with the best storage systems on the market.

4 tips for choosing the right van storage systems – Van racking for the mobile workplace

The price is always a big factor to consider when buying van storage systems and other van racking. But sometimes, maybe it shouldn’t.

Your van is one of your most important tools which assures your daily work will be smooth and effective. Your van racking kits should transform your van into a mobile and effective workplace. In this guide to van storage systems and van racking we will cover 4 different tips for choosing the right van racking at the right price.

4 van racking tips and ideas

There’s a lot of different van storage systems and van racking out there to the point where it can be difficult to know which van racking kits is the best choice for you. Here are some foundational van racking tips and ideas to help you find the best van racking for you.

1. Quality and function

We at System Edström usually compare the choice of van racking to the choice of normal tools you use daily. As a craftsman you know a screwdriver is not only a screwdriver.

A cheap screwdriver you can buy for 50 sterlings miles away quality wise from one with a price tag of 600 sterlings. The tool needs to be able to withstand the requirements of your daily tasks. The same principle applies for your van racking. If you choose a cheaper option of shelves, it might punish you later.

2. Choose van racking based on what you need and daily activities

Staring yourself blind on the price tag is to start at the wrong end of the stick. The first step to buying the right van storage systems and van racking is to look what you need in your day-to-day work.

Because how do you think your clients will react when you spend more time looking for things rather than performing your tasks? Your van storage systems and van racking should improve your effectiveness, and as a result from that, help you appear more professional to your clients.

Design Your Own Racking

3. Volume create max capacity in the storage

Quite a few people fall into the trap of choosing van storage systems that is too small for their needs. This generally results in that all tools and materials won’t fit in the storage of the van.

With “Everything in its place” you will benefit in the following ways:

          A fast-overall view of where everything is, allowing you to quickly find what you need

          You will know where everything is and won’t have to dive into the storage and rummage around in the van

          Your co-workers will be able to quickly pick up and put back things they borrow

          Less wastage as you store your things in their own place where they won’t rattle around and risk getting damaged

4. Safety and optimized floor space

If you store a lot of tools and materials on shelfs or in boxes above the floor, there is a risk they will move around while you’re out on the road. A good alternative is to invest in long drawers integrated under the false floor.

This allows you to keep the floor space, gives you a better mass distribution, and is in general a safer option. It’s safer because if you happen to crash, all your tools and materials won’t go flying and risk damaging the van.

System Edströms: We create mobile workplaces

Are you looking for more van racking ideas or to buy safe and flexible van racking kits? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Contact System Edström directly to get started today or read more about our van storage systems and van racking directly on our website and blog.


Van Racking Tool Boxes | System Edström

Van customization guide: Recommended van racking for carpenters

If you are in the process of buying a new van, you are surely contemplating what functionalities and van racking you’d like your new van to have. But what is the best van racking for you, your van and your profession? There are just so many types of van racking systems and components it might make it hard to decide what you want and need.

There’s several different types of van racking systems and a plethora of components to choose from for you to be able to create the perfect van racking solution based on your needs.

In this guide we will delve deeper and cover some useful and sometimes necessary van racking products for carpenters, helping you keep your van in order and streamlines your workday.

Avoid having to spend your day cleaning and organising with van racking, custom-made for your profession

Regardless if you own traditional van racking, a van without any van racking or a cargo space with a horizontal interior design (also called false floor), the space is quickly filled up with tools, materials and various kinds of goods you store in your van.

We know it can be tempting to just “throw the things where it seems fit” because you can’t see a simple solution to the chaos in front of you. We can assure you; it doesn’t need to be that way. A custom-made van racking system allows for a place for everything and everything in its place, and the accessibility you need in your van.


Van racking for a better workday for a carpenter

Are you feeling the strain of spending your day crawling around in the cargo space looking for your tools? How can you reach the things in the back of the cargo space? This is how you can create order without having to clean.

Deep boxes

With a false floor you get to keep the floorspace and can more easily reach what you need without having to crawl into the van. As a carpenter you’re aware you need some sturdy tools which can withstand harsh applications. The same thing applies to your van racking. Invest in deep drawers where you can fit your bigger tools underneath the floor and who can withstand heavy weights and wear and tear.

Rubber matting

A rubber mat makes sure the materials you keep in your cargo space won’t move around when you’re on the move. It will help avoid damaging both the van and the tools and materials you keep in the back.


The standard lighting included in the van are in most cases very weak. Replace the ceiling light with something which won’t have you use the light of your phone to try and locate the things you need.

Comfort wall

A comfort wall isolates sound and reduce the noise in the driver’s cab. It allows for you who drives calm and collected to simultaneously make a phone call. A comfort wall is also a necessity for potential crashes to prevent everything you keep in the cargo space from flying into the driver’s cab.

Interior lining

Interior lining is always a good investment to avoid damages to the chassis when loose things fly around when driving. What would you prefer to replace? The interior lining, or a part of your van?

Clothes hanger and hooks

Use any unused wall space and install some hooks and clothes hangers for a permanent place to store your work gloves, extra clothes, or to dry wet clothes.

Document holder

Create a way to keep your important documents in order. This can be as simple as a plastic binder mounted on the wall.

Ladder holders and vices

For a more flexible use of your cargo space, make use of the roof by installing a ladder holder to free up the floor space for other things you might need. We would also suggest installing a vice to be able to use your van as work bench.

Are you looking for flexible and safe van racking in the UK?

If that’s the case, contact System Edström today or one of our many dealers throughout the country. We offer customisable van racking systems in the UK based on your van, needs and demands.

We can guarantee both your safety and an efficient work environment with our long experience within the industry and the markets most flexible and best van racking systems.

Ford Van Racking: Courier, Connect, Custom and Transit – Tailored towards your needs

Do you own a Ford van? Well, the only thing we can say is: Good choice!

Ford is one of the world’s oldest, biggest and most appreciated car brands. It’s not only a popular brand in the U.S, but it’s also very popular with our craftsmen clients here in the UK. This is understandable considering how reliable, fuel effective and spacious they are.

Our Ford van racking is a perfect fit for their different vans, making them safer and helps you maintain order inside your van and increasing the general comfort and effectivity in your daily work.

Customized Ford van racking

Every individual, every van and every trade are unique in their own way, with their own needs and demands. We acknowledge this demand for flexibility and use a work model which mainly focus on tailor-made van racking solutions based on what you want and need.

With our expertise and an advanced drawing application to help visualize how your van will look with our Ford van racking, we can create the perfect solution for you and your vehicle.

We offer smart complete solutions where we help you through the whole process with both planning and installation. We always offer a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and the installation if you choose to get it installed by System Edström or one of our partners. If you choose to install it yourself, we still offer a 3-year warranty on the van racking itself. If you need assistance installing it, you can always contact us directly and speak to one of our professional mounters.


Ford van models

We offer tailor-made Ford van racking where every piece of equipment and accessory is designed for professional use and can be used within a wide range of trades. The different van models we offer Ford van racking for are:

          Ford Courier

          Ford Connect

          Ford Custom

          Ford Transit

Ford Courier van racking

It may be compact, but with the Ford courier you will get 10% more cargo space compared to other vans in the same weight class. The cargo space is 81,2 cu. ft, can fit a Europallet and has a payload capacity of around 1322-lb. Its smart functions protect you, your cargo and vehicle from the strain of daily work, which in combination with System Edströms Ford Courier van racking creates the optimal mobile workplace. Both Fords vans and our Ford van racking is designed to last a considerable amount of time and minimize the owner cost.

Ford Custom van racking

The Ford Custom have always been famous for its durable quality, high functionality and reliability. It is simply a van you can’t wait to be behind the wheel of. It has the latest high-tech driving functions and is available with two different wheelbase lengths:

          The short wheelbase, L1, come with 124.3 cu. ft. of cargo space and 1,470-lb. payload rating and offers the best maneuverability within the weight class of the Ford Connect.

          The long wheelbase, L2, provides a cargo space of up to 149 cu. ft. of storage and a 1,610-lb. payload rating.

With System Edströms Ford van racking you can make your Custom even more effective and safe on all levels. We help you create the high-level mobile workplace of your dreams

Ford Connect van racking

The Connect is on of Fords most sophisticated vans, and by investing in van racking for your Ford Connect you can make it even more so. The Ford Connect weighs in around 2000-lb and has a cargo weight capacity of 1918-lb. It’s similar to the Custom and is available in the same wheelbase lengths, L1 and L2.

Ford Transit van racking

The big brother in the house of Ford vans is the Ford Transit. It’s available in several different roof heights and with different wheelbase lengths, making it possible for you to maximize the gigantic cargo space, tailored towards your needs.

With such a big cargo space, the need for a systematic way to store tools and materials follows. Our van racking for the Ford Transit is available to all sizes and lengths, helping you create a logical and efficient working space.

The next step in safety, efficiency and reliability: System Edströms Ford van racking

Are you interested in Ford van racking and want to know more about System Edströms Ford van racking accessories? Don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our dealership partners today for more information and help getting started on creating the perfect van racking for your Ford vehicle.