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System Edström helps customers meet sustainability needs

We have introduced a new feature to our online configurator, DnD, as part of our commitment to building a more sustainable future.

The feature, which will appear in automatic quotations, helps customers improve sustainability in their supply chains.

Commercial Director David Sawford said: “Our customers are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in their businesses. This initiative will give them greater confidence in the environmental credentials of System Edström products. It will also help them choose products that reduce their own impact on the environment.”

Quotations will now include the amount of CO2 emissions (in kilograms) created in extracting the materials used in their products. This allows end users to compare the carbon footprints of different suppliers. The information is based on average CO2 emissions for the specific product (excluding paint). The presented CO2 emissions relate to the dry weight of the product, excluding any electronic components.

The new function builds on our environmental record, which includes cutting its use of plastic, using more recycled materials and reducing its carbon footprint.

Info on the second page of the quote displaying the total weight of CO2 (kg):


On page three in the quote, there is a new column showing the weight of CO2 (kg) per product:


Job Opportunity – Sales Support Administrator

System Edström is a leading manufacturer of vehicle racking and conversions, targeting the light commercial vehicle sector. With headquarters in Sweden, System Edström provides racking solutions in over 18 countries throughout Europe. The company has been active in the UK for over 30 years and has a portfolio of high-quality customers ranging from fleet users, lease companies and vehicle manufacturers. Our UK headquarters are based in Corby, with over 50 staff operating from this site.

This role is within our expanding Wholesale division, which has experienced rapid growth over the past 24 months and is a focus for continued growth for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025 and beyond.

As the sales support administrator your core role will be to process orders quickly and accurately to ensure the highest level of service is provided to our Partners.

In addition, other key tasks will include answering incoming calls, supporting the outbound sales element of the Wholesale team, and working closely with other departments within System Edström.

Reporting directly to the Wholesale Office Manager, day-to-day tasks will be process driven to ensure both internal and external deadlines and expectations are achieved. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are an organised individual, confident in their own ability to follow instructions closely and to also work under your own initiative.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Processing of orders quickly and accurately.
  • Answering inbound telephone calls.
  • Update Partners on their orders status.
  • Ensure all processes are adhered to.
  • Support the Wholesale channel manager with any other tasks required.
  • Keep internal systems and databases updated.

Skills required:

  • Microsoft product suite experience.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Excellent telephone manner.
  • Positive “can do” attitude.
  • A team player.
  • Ability to follow instructions and processes closely.


  • Generous holiday allowance (25+)
  • Pension scheme
  • Additional company benefits
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Opportunity for significant career progression within System Edström group.

For more information or to apply, email hr@edstrom.co.uk

System Edström unveils new products for 2024

System Edström changes registered company name

As of Friday 1st December, Northamptonshire-based van racking supplier Edström of Sweden Ltd will be known officially as System Edström UK Ltd. This brings the UK business into line with the company’s global operation and provides greater clarity for customers.

Since it began operations in the UK in 1987, the company has used Edström of Sweden Ltd as its registered company name. The change is the latest in a series of alterations the company has made to its UK business since it was re-branded several years ago.

After re-structuring its management organisation and investing in its people to better reflect its core business, the latest change brings the company fully up to date. The change makes sense as the company is widely known as System Edström day to day and uses the shorter name in all its branding.

Commercial Director of System Edström UK Ltd, David Sawford, said: “This change of name demonstrates our commitment to the future in the UK. The previous name has served the company well for many years, but we felt it was time to make a change to reflect how we have modernised over the past few years.”

System Edström expands team with UK Sales Manager for Wholesale

System Edström has appointed Chris Angel as its first UK Sales Manager for Wholesale. The new role is an essential component of the recent management team restructure, which has been designed to build on the growth System Edström has achieved in the UK over the past three years.

Chris previously worked at Van Guard, where he spent nine years as National Sales Manager and Head of Sales. He also has experience as an Area Sales Manager in the building supplies trade.

The role focuses on managing and developing System Edström’s expanding wholesale channel. “My job will be to work closely with dealer partners and distributors, maintaining those relationships and developing core business,” says Chris.

System Edström Commercial Director David Sawford said: “The appointment of Chris in this role demonstrates our commitment to building the future of our business. We work with superb dealers and installers across the UK. Having one person dedicated to managing those relationships as they continue to grow is vital. This gives us the team we need to make the most of the opportunities the industry presents.”

Chris adds: “My proactive attitude and in-depth knowledge of the industry will benefit both System Edström and its partners. I aim to hit the ground running and build on the excellent brand and products System Edström is known for, and to take our customers, old and new, to the next level.”

System Edström appoints new UK Sales Manager for conversions

Van racking supplier System Edström has appointed James Cosgrove as its new UK Sales Manager responsible for the conversions sector.

James has been with the company for almost seven years, during which he has served as Area Sales Manager, covering most of the regions in the UK at various times. Previously, he spent 12 years working in the metrology industry for Mettler Toledo. His new role will see him head up sales for the company across the UK, leading a team of five area sales managers.

The appointment comes as a result of the significant growth in sales that the company has achieved over the past year. This has necessitated a restructure of the sales team and the creation of a new role of UK Sales Manager for conversions, charged with building on that success.

As UK Sales Manager, James will be primarily responsible for the growth of the direct conversions side of the business, driving the throughput of fleet conversions at the company’s workshop in Corby, Northamptonshire.

“My priorities are to support the sales team in achieving their goals, focus on continuing to build strong relationships with our lease partners and making a sustained effort to raise our brand position within the industry,” says James.

“We have a great product, a trusted brand and, most importantly, a strong team that is customer-focused,” he adds. “These are very exciting times for the business as we maintain strong organic growth supported by an ever-expanding professional team and continued owner investment. It’s genuinely great to be a part of the journey!”

Commercial Director David Sawford said: “We are delighted to be able to appoint James as our new UK Sales Manager for conversions. This new role will be essential as we look to continue our growth over the coming years. System Edström has gone from strength to strength, with sales increasing year on year, and we are confident this trend will continue under James.”

How to make a difference on the road with sustainable driving

Do you want to minimise your impact on the environment when you’re on the road?  The good news is, there are lots of sustainable driving practices that not only help reduce carbon emissions but also save you money. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or planning your first road trip, small changes in driving habits can make a big difference in creating a greener and more sustainable world.

What is sustainable driving?

Sustainable driving means driving in a way that has a minimal negative impact on the environment. This can mean using less fuel, choosing electric or hybrid vehicles, or reducing the weight of your vehicle. And the good news is the everyone can do it.

Benefits of sustainable driving

Reduced carbon footprint: 

One of the biggest benefits of sustainable driving is that it can help reduce your carbon footprint. When you drive sustainably, you’re using less fuel and emitting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Over time, this can make a big difference in the fight against climate change.

Lower fuel costs:

Sustainable driving can also help you save money on fuel costs in the long run. By driving more efficiently, you’ll use less fuel overall and end up spending less money at the pump. Additionally, eco-friendly vans often come with government incentives that can further lower your fuel costs.

Reduced maintenance costs:

Another benefit of sustainable driving is reduced maintenance costs. When you put less wear and tear on your van, you’ll need to take it in for service less often. This can save you money over time on things like oil changes and brake repairs.

Simple practices for sustainable driving

When it comes to making a difference on the road, there are some simple sustainable driving practices that everyone can adopt.

Drive efficiently:

A good way to reduce your impact is to drive more efficiently. That means no speeding, no revving your engine unnecessarily and no excessive idling. It’s also helpful to keeping your tyres inflated to the recommended pressure.

Keep your van in good condition:

A well-maintained van is not only more efficient, it also produces fewer emissions. So, make sure you keep up with regular servicing and check-ups.

Choose eco-friendly tyres and fluids:

When it comes time to replace tyres or fluids, choose options that are better for the environment – there are plenty of options available these days.

Consider electric vehicles:

If you’re in the market for a new van, seriously consider an electric vehicle. They have come a long way in recent years and offer many benefits over traditional petrol or diesel vans.

By following these simple tips, you can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability on the roads.

Sustainable driving not only benefits the environment, it can also help you save money. By implementing these tips in your daily routine, you will be well on your way to making a difference when it comes to reducing your emissions and becoming more sustainable both on and off the road.

And don’t forget that System Edström can help, too. We’ve worked hard to improve our environmental credentials, by reducing the weight of our products and our use of plastics, using Swedish high-strength steel and much more. For more information, check out our Green Report.

Remember, every little bit counts!


Load items securely in your van

Making sure your van is loaded safely

It’s important to remember that drivers are not just responsible for the way they drive when they’re on the road. They’re also responsible for the safety of their load. But it’s not just the driver that has that responsibility – fleet managers and other people in authority within the company can also be held to account.

Writing for our partners at Driving for Better Business, Mike Hayward, Partner for Road Transport, Crime and Regulatory at Woodfines Solicitors, says: “It is not only an offence committed by the person driving that vehicle but also by anyone who causes or permits this to take place. For instance, a fleet manager permitting a vehicle to go out on the road with an unsafe load could result in the business also being prosecuted.”

Crucially for van drivers and fleet managers, people can be guilty of an offence if harm is caused by: “The weight, position or distribution of its load, or how it is secured.”

Sanctions for offences can include penalty points for the driver or severe fines. But more importantly, as Mike writes: “The consequences of a vehicle being dangerously loaded could lead to a serious incident, leading to an investigation into dangerous driving or causing serious injury or death by careless or dangerous driving. It is not then a case of dealing with fines or penalty points, but instead a risk of a custodial sentence.”

For more information on your responsibilities as a driver or fleet manager, visit the Driving for Better Business website and check out Mike’s article, Safe loading – a legal update to help take a load off your mind.

At System Edström, we help customers avoid these consequences, by incorporating in our advice and design solutions features that reduce these risks. Through the use of anchor points, load restraints, specific positions for heavy equipment and weights checks so axle and gross weights are not exceeded, we can help you make sure your loads are secure.

Trustford e-van handover

TrustFord chooses System Edström to equip all-electric mobile service van

System Edström has handed over the first electric van fully equipped with System Edström racking to TrustFord Mobile Service. The company’s Commercial Director, David Sawford, handed the keys to TrustFord’s Wayne Bryant, who will use the van in his day-to-day role, on Wednesday 7 June.

The van, which will be used in the Heathrow area of Greater London, was delivered to TrustFord’s centre in Hayes. It is the first fully electric van on the service fleet and has been kitted out to allow Wayne to carry out all the aspects of his role, servicing vehicles for customers at a location convenient for them.

TrustFord chose to work with System Edström because of the company’s expertise in providing complete racking and power solutions for electric vehicles. James Bacon, Head of Mobile Service at TrustFord, said: “We have a great working partnership with System Edström and the product is exactly what we need. It was important we worked with a partner who understands the needs of our Aftersales technicians while they are on the road.”

One of the main challenges faced in equipping an electric van to the demanding standards TrustFord requires was keeping the weight down. “We needed to make sure that the weight of the vehicle and all the equipment required for us to effectively operate it made it a seamless and enjoyable experience for the technicians using it,” added James.

The van is the first step in TrustFord’s commitment to moving to battery electric vehicles. The company is excited with the new Ford offers and as the market leader in mobile service vans for Ford customers, with national coverage in the UK, were keen to pioneer an all-electric Transit in its fleet.

James continued: “It is early days and the feedback from those experiencing this vehicle will be key to scoping out our next steps, but we are excited about the opportunities this will bring. Many of TrustFord’s sites are centred in major UK cities and the link to helping the environment through a bigger fleet of all electric mobile service vehicles in built up areas and beyond is clear.”

David Sawford said: “We are delighted to continue working with TrustFord on this project and our continuing collaboration on even more electric vehicles in the future. This exciting project will involve us installing our racking solutions in more electric vans, allowing TrustFord’s mobile engineers to service customer vehicles in a more sustainable way.

“With the share of electric vehicles in fleets set to grow over the next few years, operators need a van racking supplier that they can trust to install storage and power supply solutions in their fleets. At System Edström, we have invested in our team to ensure that they have the necessary expertise and qualifications to work on electric vehicles. This means that our customers can relax in the knowledge that their systems will be installed safely and securely.”

Installation Best Practices training takes place

This week, we have welcomed representatives from our dealer partners all over the country for training at our headquarters in Corby.

Our technical guru in Sweden, Christer Abrahamson, flew over to take the training, giving delegates latest updates on our systems and installation.

We had different levels of expertise in the room. Some delegates had been with System Edström’s solutions for a couple of years or more, while some were new to our products. To help introduce them to the company, our commercial director David Sawford gave the attendees an overview of System Edström and its history.

Christer then took the reins to take the delegates through the basics of how System Edström’s racking solutions work, giving them an understanding of how our products are installed, specific measurements, essential tools and more. The session then looked at assembling our racking, with a focus on making sure everyone knows how to install the system in the van safely and securely – perhaps the most important aspect of the training.

As well as the technical side of things, the sessions also served as an introduction to the company and how we work. “It’s all about working together and having a good time in the spirit of the System Edström family,” said Christer.

Pictured with their training certificates are (left to right): Karl Shelley, Paul Joyce, Sandor Piri and Ryan Thomas.


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