Renault van racking – Kangoo, Trafic and Master

As one of Europe’s largest car companies, Renault has chosen a flexible and popular car fleet which appeals to customers because of a somewhat lower price, but still with a very high quality. As Renault covers your different car size needs, we in turn cover all your Renault van racking needs. Our Renault van racking are designed and offered for three types of Renault vans: Kangoo, Master and Trafic. They are optimized towards creating a time and work efficient space where everything is in order and easy to find and access.
We offer both complete Renault van racking systems, as well as customized ones based on your needs and demands. Our high quality, long experience in the field and extensive knowledge, in combination with our high standards on product development and testing is what made us who we are today: one of the markets leading actors regarding Renault van racking and accessories.
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System Edströms Renault models

The three Renault van models we develop and create van racking and accessories for are the models Kangoo, Trafic and Master. Three very different, but all the same very efficient and well-designed vans which are some of the best alternatives out on the market of mobile workplaces:

– Renault Kangoo:

The smallest Renault model we provide van racking for is Kangoo. It is a flexible van, optimal for cramped cities, equipped with a range of smart and practical features for comfortable and efficient driving. Kangoo is also equipped with a sliding roof flap for an easier time transporting oversized objects and cargos.

– Renault Trafic:

Smooth lines, chromed grille, full LED spotlights, lights with two functions, distinct light signature and so on. This is Renault Trafic, the middle child. It is a practical, comfortable and safe van equipped with, just as Kangoo, the latest drive and safety technology and functions, creating the ideal combination of smooth and efficient driving, with an extensive cargo space.

– Renault Master:

The largest Renault model we create van racking for is Master. It is a robust and dynamic van available in four different wheelbase lengths and three roof heights, enabling you to create a van with a cargo space based on your needs and demands. It has a load volume of up to 17 m3 and can handle between 1 593 kg to 2 167 kg depending on model. With its self-confident design, slanted foreground, LED light signature and chromed details, its robust design is inspired and reminiscent of American trucks.

Renault van racking and accessories for the mobile working place

Take your Renault van to the next level in both safety and efficiency with System Edströms van racking solutions and accessories. Either pick one of our complete Renault van racking systems designed for the models Kangoo, Trafic or Master, or simply design your own to match yours needs.
You can either contact us directly or reach out to one of our dealers around the UK for more information or when you want to invest in van racking for your Renault van.

Vauxhall van racking – a step towards excellence

Vauxhall is one of the most popular van brands in the UK. Efficient and user-friendly, its vans are also suitable for installing van racking. Our Vauxhall van racking systems are designed to suit all the brand’s models. These systems provide ease of use and the ability to operate in tough situations.  

Brands like Vauxhall make it a point to make their vans customisable, so that they are more versatile for the end customer. Customisation enables customers to add, remove or adapt the accessories already in the van – a win-win for brand and customer. 

Customised Vauxhall van racking: types to choose from

Every company and individual has different needs, so Vauxhall offers three commercial vans. Each has its own unique features and can be customised according to need. The range comprises:


Vauxhall Combo

The Combo is Vauxhall’s smallest van. For its size, it has a huge load space and payload. It’s also available in two wheelbases to make carrying loads easier. 

Inside, the second-row passenger seats can be folded and the hatch opened to create a maximum length of 3.44m. This means that seat space can be used to load important materials when it’s not needed for passengers.    

Vauxhall Vivaro

Vivaro is Vauxhall’s mid-range offering. It’s designed to carry euro-pallets effortlessly and has smart features that make it a great all-rounder. 

The 1.2m width between the rear wheel arches enables the van to carry wide loads such as 8×4-foot plywood sheets. The total payload offered by the van goes up to 1400kg. Besides the ability to carry heavy loads, it has nearside and offside sliding side-access doors to make loading and unloading easy.  

Vauxhall Movano

Vauxhall’s largest van is available in four lengths, three heights and a range of load variants. Depending on the version chosen, it can fit up to five euro-pallets and has excellent load capacity. 

Vauxhall van racking accessories

Van racking accessories can really help keep a van organised and easy-to-use. To complement Vauxhall’s installed accessories, System Edström offers a range of accessories, including:

  • Roof bars
  • Tool stores
  • Internal racking 
  • Pipe carriers


How the Iveco Daily van racking solution benefits your business

Commercial vehicles are great for businesses of all kinds, from trades to construction, furniture delivery, courier and parcel services and much more. 

Among the most popular is the Iveco Daily, which is designed to function in tough conditions and offer outstanding results. The Iveco Daily panel van comes with a range of benefits and can be customised in a variety of ways. 

The Daily is capable of carrying heavy payloads thanks to its high-performing front suspension, which raises the maximum permissible load. Models featuring the lighter, strong QUAD-LEAF suspension have a load capacity of up to 1900kg. Those with the QUAD-TOR suspension have a load capacity of up to 2700 kg.    

System Edström provides Iveco Daily van racking solutions in a range of combinations to suit all kinds of operational and business requirements. They can be installed in all three Daily models: panel van, semi-windowed and windowed. 

Advantages of using a racking solution to enhance the Iveco Daily

Iveco Daily is made for transport professionals to meet an increasingly wide variety of requirements. Our customised Iveco Van racking solution offers a range of benefits. 


Better use of space

Our solutions feature deeper shelves to fit in all the corners and under the roof. Various tools, goods and work materials can be stored in different shelves. This enables drivers to use all the unused space to the full extent. 

Flexible shelf arrangements

Inside, the Daily allows versatile shelf fitting, which can be fitted according to the depth of the side profiles so customers can use all the space in the van. 

Clutter-free van interior

Productivity depends on the condition of the workspace they are working in. A van full of useless items can seriously affect efficiency.  Our customised Iveco van racking solution consists of dedicated space for everything to de-clutter the van.  

Types of Iveco van racking accessories

A range of racking accessories are available to make best use of the space available in the van. These include:

  • Tool storage boxes
  • Metal racking
  • Wooden racking
  • Roof accessories
  • General accessories


Best van racking systems for small businesses

Business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to panel vans and van racking systems, so picking the right one for you can be harder than you think. The number of brands, models, features, specifications and customisations can be confusing, so it’s best to take your time. 

The van is the backbone of many small to medium-sized businesses. They’re the workhorses that transport equipment, tools and workers to job sites or customers’ homes. At System Edström, we offer van racking systems that make the best use of each van’s cargo space and load capacity.

Van racking systems for better organisation

A van isn’t just transport, it’s where you store tools and equipment. So you need to have it organised to make sure everything stays put between base and job site. 

Our van racking systems are suitable for service professionals across a range of trades, from construction to carpentry, electrical engineering, locksmiths, plumbing and more. Our solutions help you arrange all your work tools efficiently, so everything is in place when you arrive at your site. As well as racking, our shelving makes it much easier to access everything without tripping over tools or straining to reach over crates or boxes.

Customised van racking for different businesses


Businesses involving onsite woodwork, for example, need different types of tools and fasteners on any given day. Most of the objects will be small, and easy to misplace without an organised storage system. With a reliable van system, small fasteners such as bolts, screws, nuts, and nails can simply be divided by type and size into separate containers on neatly organised shelves. 


A well-organised van means a plumber will be able to get the job done quickly and more reliably. System Edström’s customised van racking systems and accessories mean they don’t have to sort through cases for specific tools for hard-to-fix plumbing issues. 

Everything is neatly stored according to size and purpose, so you can place tools in dedicated containers across rows of shelves that can easily fit into plumbing vans of various sizes.


Like plumbers, electricians also need a well-outfitted van for maximum work efficiency. This means a neat and tidy work van in which they know where everything is. Electricians with well-lit work vans and proper storage also save costs on the wear and tear of important tools and lost parts. 

Carpenters, painters and plasterers

A van with good storage and racking systems on the tops and sides helps you transport as much cargo as you need such as ladders, drywall, paint and floor, and furniture coverings. 

Those who work in carpentry, construction, plastering or painting need to store materials securely in containers to prevent spillages while driving. They also need to keep tools organised to damage and noise.

HVAC industry professionals

Whether working on residential or commercial buildings, HVAC workers need tools to be handy and ready-to-use at a moment’s notice. 

They generally work on fixing or installing air conditioning and heating systems, so need a van that can carry the parts needed to replace broken or old equipment, as well as larger pieces of equipment for installations. Proper van racking keeps all tools and parts neatly organised.

 Find the right van racking system for you

Van racking systems help to keep equipment, materials, and tools organised inside the vehicle. They also prevent work materials from moving and shifting when the vehicle is in motion. 

Such storage systems can either be contained in one part of the van or line both walls from the ceiling to the floor, or even over the wheel wells. The arrangement depends upon preference business demands.

System Edstrom’s wide variety of van shelves and combinations give small and medium-sized businesses the choice of the best van racking systems. 

Top van brands to pick

When your business involves constant carrying of goods, delivery service or any other similar services, a van is a must. 

And to make sure you can do your job without any interruptions, you need to invest in good vehicle racking. Investing properly not only makes your job easier but also means your van racking solution will be better suited to rough and regular use. 

With demand growing, the number of vehicle racking systems on the market is also increasing. These systems are suitable for a large variety of vehicles. 

Among the benefits of using these systems are that they help keep your vehicle well organised, making it a safer working environment and improving efficiency.  

So, choosing professional vehicle racking solutions for the interior can have a surprisingly large impact on your business. Let’s now have a closer look at the top brands you can choose when it comes to vehicle racking. 

Design Your Own Racking


Vans available:

  • Citroën Citroën Berlingo
  • Citroën Relay
  • Citroën Jumper

Citroën vans are a great option for a number of trades. They can be fitted with a range of van racking solutions to store your cargo storage while maximising the space available and improving productivity. Our van racking solutions for Citroën help you keep everything you need in the right place, whenever you need it. 

Solutions for these vehicle include racking, tool drawers, parts organisers and accessories. Citroën vans can be fitted with the equipment best suited for you and your business needs. 


We offer a range of unique vehicle racking solutions for Toyota vans, which are simple to adjust without detracting from the integrity of the shelving unit. 

Our extensive range of racking systems, storage solutions and vehicle accessories provided by the brand serve all three categories of quality, durability and functionality. The solutions provided by Toyota makes the vehicle a fully functioning mobile workshop. One of the most popular models that Toyota provides van racking solutions for is the ProAce van. 


The van racking solutions and systems that Fiat provides helps to utilise the space in the van more efficiently. This makes it easier for the user to find things at a glance, saving a lot of time and money as well as protecting the tools. Each solution that the brand has developed is ideal for professional use, is flexible and intended for a range of service industries. Fiat also offers a wide range of shelving options as well as accessories depending on the type of model. The solutions have been made fit the following models:

Fiat Fiorino

Fiat Doblo and Talento 

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Scudo


Renault offers a huge range of racking solutions for numerous leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and displays. All through the years they have exhibited vans along with a wide range of product portfolio, services and intelligent mobility concepts. The vehicle racking systems that this brand provides are easy to fit, simple to use and highly convenient when it comes to usability. The types of models that Renault provides van racking for are: 

Renault Kangoo

Renault Trafic

Renault Master


Peugeot Partner van racking: partnering with the best

System Edström offers van racking systems for a wide range of Peugeot panel vans. Our versatile solutions can be configured to suit each model in the range and, most importantly, you and your business. All are built to last, durable and easy to use, without compromising the great performance offered by Peugeot. 

Peugeot’s smallest van, the Partner, features a modular seat design that allows it to carry significant loads without compromising driver comfort. The mid-range Expert and the larger Boxer both offer high-tech driving features. Every model is ideally suited to our practical, comfortable and secure van racking systems. A variety of customised Peugeot van racking accessories that making loading easier are also available. 


Peugeot Partner – small but powerful

The all-new Peugeot Partner is designed to meet all customer needs – from sole traders to fleet managers. It comes in several versions, tailored to the requirements of an office on the move with ample storage for van racking. 

The three variants – Asphalt, Grip and Crew – can carry heavy loads up to 1000 kg for all your daily requirements. They also offer an overload indicator, loading pack and load capacity for up to two Euro pallets. 

Peugeot Partner van racking is the perfect choice due to its capacity to increase its usable length or volume while still having 850kg payload (Crew) and 1,000kg payload (Grip).

Tradesman like plumbers and electricians can take advantage of the flat floor, increased load volume of 0.6 cubic metres and a load length at floor level of up to 3.09m in the standard version and 3.44m in the longer version.

Peugeot Expert – the perfect mid-sized van

The mid-range Peugeot Expert model is compact and nimble, having a payload of up to 1,400kg, 1 cubic metre load volume and 3.32m load length. 

The Expert van’s Moduwork concept allows users to transform unoccupied seats into extra load space. Easily flip the passenger seat to release space with a flat base. The large hatch in the bulkhead can increase the load length at floor level up to 4m. This makes the van an ideal choice for long items. Last but not least, say hello to a mobile office with the central armrest that can be lowered to reveal a swivelling table.

Peugeot Boxer – large and in charge

The Peugeot Boxer van is everything a mobile business could ask for: spacious, economical and versatile. This easy-to-handle vehicle is equipped to respond to the user’s needs and serve as a comfortable office on the move. 

The Boxer has a benchmark capacity, with load volume up to 17m along and the best load width in its class. Its easily adaptable to a full range of business activities.

Customised Peugeot van racking accessories

Peugeot panel vans are more user-friendly than ever, with new safety kit, many useful features as great fuel-efficiency. System Edström offers a range of Peugeot van racking accessories, from bulkheads and roof racks to pipe carriers and tool stores, as well as internal racking. 

Renault van racking: an all-in-one solution

Renault offers a great range of vans for a variety of trades and industries, and System Edström provides racking solutions that make all of them even more efficient.

Our systems are also customisable to your needs, whichever Renault model you choose – Trafic, Kangoo or Master.

The latest Renault Trafic van is a great option for tradespeople of all kinds. A medium-sized commercial van, it can transport up to 1.2 tons, has a maximum load volume of 8.6 cubic meters and fuel economy of up to 47.9mpg.

We provide solutions for this popular van that make storage more efficient, with options like integrated drawers, removable boxes and cases, shelving and lockable cupboards. These help you keep tools and equipment organised and safely stored.

Loading and unloading goods is easy with the Renault Master, thanks to its low loading deck. At just 40cm from ground level, stacking and emptying the van is hassle-free. It’s a great mobile workshop, as it is well suited to racking conversions, too.

The Renault Kangoo’s load and unload area is large enough to store the materials and equipment required to run a mobile workspace. Our storage solutions for the Kangoo include a variety of accessories like shelves, racks with dividers, drawers units, roof bar, and roof racks.


Your ideal business partner: Toyota Proace van

The Toyota Proace van is an ideal partner for those running a mobile business. This popular van offers user-friendly features, good safety and great value for money.

Three variants of the panel van version are available: compact, medium and long. They come equipped with storage facilities such as cabinets, toolboxes, shelves and cupboards, which can be customised for all kinds of work tools and products.

You can improve this versatile van with a System Edström van racking system. This will help you keep everything you need organised and safe. An efficient system also means you can get more in your van.

Proace van racking systems

The Proace’s internal configuration makes fitting additional racking parts simple. Our racking, flooring and lining kits are specially designed to enhance your van. Specifically developed for professionals and highly flexible, they are a great addition to your Toyota van.


Additional safety features

All System Edström solutions are fully crash-tested to ensure they are as safe as possible. They are also durable and can withstand all kinds of environments.

Toyota itself also offers new features that boost your van’s safety and security. Toyota Safety Sense has five active technologies that help minimise accidents and create a safer driving environment for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. These are:

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Cornering Lights
  • Head-Up Display
  • Acoustic and Athermic Windscreen

These help drivers avoid potentially dangerous situations. This is a real benefit for those who drive regularly in urban environments. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection detects possible collisions with pedestrians using a camera and radar. The Adaptive Cruise Control can keep drivers at a minimum pre-set distance from the vehicle ahead.

Top van brands for vehicle racking

If your business means you need a van to carry goods or equipment, then you need to make sure you make the most of the van’s load space. Investing in good quality vehicle is therefore essential.

Choosing professional vehicle racking solutions for your van’s interior can have a surprisingly large impact on your business. A good system will help you keep your tools and equipment well organised, secure and easy to access. This, in turn, makes you more efficient, helping you save time and money.

System Edström provides racking for a number of manufacturers, including some of the leading brands on the market.


  • Citroën Berlingo
  • Citroën Relay
  • Citroën Dispatch

Citroën vans offer good load space and practicality. Our solutions for these vans help you keep everything in its place, and easy to find whenever you need it. We offer racking, tool drawers, parts organisers and accessories for the full range.


Our Toyota Proace van racking solutions are can be customised to suit your needs, whatever your business. Our extensive range of racking systems, storage solutions and accessories offer quality, durability and functionality, so you can turn your Toyota into a fully functioning mobile workshop.


  • Fiat Fiorino
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Fiat Doblo
  • Fiat Talento

We also offer van racking solutions for the Fiat range. All help you use the space in the van more efficiently. This makes it easier for the user to find things, saving time and money, as well as protecting tools.

Each solution is ideal for professional use and flexible, making them ideal for all trades. We also offer a wide range of shelving options and accessories for each model.


  • Renault Kangoo
  • Renault Trafic
  • Renault Master

We offer a huge range of racking solutions for Renault vans. All are fitted by our expert teams and make life much more convenient for the user.

Install a racking system in your Citroën van

Van racking solutions come in all shapes and sizes, for a range of uses and trades. They make transporting goods and equipment much easier and safer, especially if they are fragile or easily displaced.

Citroën vans are ideally suited to racking and storage. The brand offers a range of models that are affordable, easy to maintain and offer a choice of load spaces. So, if you are starting a new business and you need a van to transport equipment, tools or products, Citroën offers a good choice.

System Edström offers a range of racking solutions to suit Citroën vans of any size and storage capacity. We have a number of options to choose from, depending on what you need to store or transport. We can also modify our solutions to suit your needs, and we have a great selection of accessories.

Citroën customisation options


Citroën Berlingo

The new Citroën Berlingo van has the perfect blend of features combining design, modularity and practicality. Its brilliant design provides accessibility through doors as well as windows. With a System Edström van racking system in place, the Berlingo still offers great storage space and comfortable seating for three. It is available in two body types – the standard M and new XL.

Citroën Dispatch

The mid-range Citroën Dispatch is ideal for bigger loads. It is comfortable, reliable and safe. It features some great tech as well, making for more comfortable and safer driving. We can also customise it to your requirements.

Citroën Relay

With our Citroën Relay van racking systems, you can optimise your space to suit your needs. The largest van in the range, it offers even more scope for our innovative racking solutions.

A range of designs are available, including one that offers maximum load space and an adjustable pneumatic rear suspension that lowers or increases the load sill height to make loading easier. What’s more, two sliding doors also make loading and unloading easy.

Why install System Edström van racking?

Internal van racking saves time

By adding shelves, cabinets and other racking accessories, you can increase the usable space in the van. Better organisation of parts and tools also makes your life easier. This improves efficiency and saves you time.

Van racking is a cost-effective option

With so many tools these days being expensive and easy to damage, having better racking keeps them safer and can also save you money.

Van racking systems are flexible

We can customise your van racking system to your requirements. All our installations are done by our expert teams or authorised dealers, to make sure you get the best possible fitting for your van.