Best van racking systems for small businesses

Business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to panel vans and van racking systems, so picking the right one for you can be harder than you think. The number of brands, models, features, specifications and customisations can be confusing, so it’s best to take your time. 

The van is the backbone of many small to medium-sized businesses. They’re the workhorses that transport equipment, tools and workers to job sites or customers’ homes. At System Edström, we offer van racking systems that make the best use of each van’s cargo space and load capacity.

Van racking systems for better organisation

A van isn’t just transport, it’s where you store tools and equipment. So you need to have it organised to make sure everything stays put between base and job site. 

Our van racking systems are suitable for service professionals across a range of trades, from construction to carpentry, electrical engineering, locksmiths, plumbing and more. Our solutions help you arrange all your work tools efficiently, so everything is in place when you arrive at your site. As well as racking, our shelving makes it much easier to access everything without tripping over tools or straining to reach over crates or boxes.

Customised van racking for different businesses


Businesses involving onsite woodwork, for example, need different types of tools and fasteners on any given day. Most of the objects will be small, and easy to misplace without an organised storage system. With a reliable van system, small fasteners such as bolts, screws, nuts, and nails can simply be divided by type and size into separate containers on neatly organised shelves. 


A well-organised van means a plumber will be able to get the job done quickly and more reliably. System Edström’s customised van racking systems and accessories mean they don’t have to sort through cases for specific tools for hard-to-fix plumbing issues. 

Everything is neatly stored according to size and purpose, so you can place tools in dedicated containers across rows of shelves that can easily fit into plumbing vans of various sizes.


Like plumbers, electricians also need a well-outfitted van for maximum work efficiency. This means a neat and tidy work van in which they know where everything is. Electricians with well-lit work vans and proper storage also save costs on the wear and tear of important tools and lost parts. 

Carpenters, painters and plasterers

A van with good storage and racking systems on the tops and sides helps you transport as much cargo as you need such as ladders, drywall, paint and floor, and furniture coverings. 

Those who work in carpentry, construction, plastering or painting need to store materials securely in containers to prevent spillages while driving. They also need to keep tools organised to damage and noise.

HVAC industry professionals

Whether working on residential or commercial buildings, HVAC workers need tools to be handy and ready-to-use at a moment’s notice. 

They generally work on fixing or installing air conditioning and heating systems, so need a van that can carry the parts needed to replace broken or old equipment, as well as larger pieces of equipment for installations. Proper van racking keeps all tools and parts neatly organised.

 Find the right van racking system for you

Van racking systems help to keep equipment, materials, and tools organised inside the vehicle. They also prevent work materials from moving and shifting when the vehicle is in motion. 

Such storage systems can either be contained in one part of the van or line both walls from the ceiling to the floor, or even over the wheel wells. The arrangement depends upon preference business demands.

System Edstrom’s wide variety of van shelves and combinations give small and medium-sized businesses the choice of the best van racking systems.