How the Iveco Daily van racking solution benefits your business

Commercial vehicles are great for businesses of all kinds, from trades to construction, furniture delivery, courier and parcel services and much more. 

Among the most popular is the Iveco Daily, which is designed to function in tough conditions and offer outstanding results. The Iveco Daily panel van comes with a range of benefits and can be customised in a variety of ways. 

The Daily is capable of carrying heavy payloads thanks to its high-performing front suspension, which raises the maximum permissible load. Models featuring the lighter, strong QUAD-LEAF suspension have a load capacity of up to 1900kg. Those with the QUAD-TOR suspension have a load capacity of up to 2700 kg.    

System Edström provides Iveco Daily van racking solutions in a range of combinations to suit all kinds of operational and business requirements. They can be installed in all three Daily models: panel van, semi-windowed and windowed. 

Advantages of using a racking solution to enhance the Iveco Daily

Iveco Daily is made for transport professionals to meet an increasingly wide variety of requirements. Our customised Iveco Van racking solution offers a range of benefits. 


Better use of space

Our solutions feature deeper shelves to fit in all the corners and under the roof. Various tools, goods and work materials can be stored in different shelves. This enables drivers to use all the unused space to the full extent. 

Flexible shelf arrangements

Inside, the Daily allows versatile shelf fitting, which can be fitted according to the depth of the side profiles so customers can use all the space in the van. 

Clutter-free van interior

Productivity depends on the condition of the workspace they are working in. A van full of useless items can seriously affect efficiency.  Our customised Iveco van racking solution consists of dedicated space for everything to de-clutter the van.  

Types of Iveco van racking accessories

A range of racking accessories are available to make best use of the space available in the van. These include:

  • Tool storage boxes
  • Metal racking
  • Wooden racking
  • Roof accessories
  • General accessories