Work van storage accessories to save space and create order

Keeping it orderly in a work van storage is a vital aspect of any business or self-employed worker that uses cargo vans in their daily work. This makes everything easier to find, allows for more things to be carried, and reduces the risk of the equipment getting damaged. But where to start? What type of van racking should you get?

Don’t worry, these questions will be answered further down where we’ll introduce a few work van storage ideas that will help you save space, as well as keep it orderly in your van.

Smaller plastic bins, large shelves and drawers. There are a bunch of different easy and cost-effective alternatives to design an efficient cargo space. There’s something for every type of van, it all depends on the size of your van, and how big of a cargo space you have.

Work van storage bins and boxes

Work van storage accessories such as bins and boxes are ideal for all types of vans regardless of size and type. Light, small, and easy to install – what more can you ask for? They provide a safe and reachable place to store loose items and acts as a supplement to  bigger work van storage spaces.

Work van storage bins come in all shapes and sizes where there’s something for everyone. For example, carry-bins with see through dividers and a lid that allows it to be used as a portable assortment box, or simple plastic bins to be placed on shelves. Work van storage bins help in creating a clutter-free cargo space where all your tools and materials will be stored in a safe and accessible place.

Work van storage shelves and under-floor drawers

Van shelves and false-floor drawers are solutions on the bigger side allowing you to make the most of your cargo space both horizontally and vertically:

  • Work van shelving allows you to make the most out of the vertical space and create plenty of areas to place bins and boxes to store tools and materials in a safe and reachable place.
  • Under-floor drawers are significantly bigger than normal drawers and are usually installed, as the name implies, underneath a false floor. Under-floor drawers allow you to make the most out of the space under the false floor, providing you a safe and flexible place to store your tools and materials. If you wish for these kinds of drawers above a floor, they work best in the bigger van models.

Build your own work van storage systems with System Edström

Contact System Edström for more work van storage ideas and to get started on creating your own work van storage systems today. We offer one of the markets most flexible van racking for the mobile workplace where we’ll help you get your hands on the best van racking, tailored to your needs and wants.