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4 van tool storage ideas for optimizing the cargo space

The painter has their brushes, a writer his/her pencil or computer, and the musician his/her instrument. Regardless of what type of job, the tools are one of the most important aspects of it and need to be taken cared of with utmost concern.

It is no different for carpenters or plumbers.

In this article we will present and discuss a few van tool storage ideas which do not only help in taking care of the tools, making them last longer, but also van storage ideas to create an optimized layout of the van where you’ll be able to find the tools you need quick and easy. Because with an optimized cargo space, you will be able to carry all required tools and equipment you need and avoid mix-ups or have to repeat journeys, while also leaving a professional impression on your clients.

Under floor drawerscase

One of the most popular van storage solutions are under floor drawers, so-called false floors. This is performed simply by raising the floor and fitting the space under it with floor drawers, both at the rear and the sides of the van, exploiting space that otherwise would go unused.

Under floor drawers help you make the most of available space and ensure every tool you own is easily accessible, as well as safely secure when out on the road.

Internal ladder holders

Ladders are as bulky as they are heavy. For these reasons alone, a lot of workers prefer to store their ladders on the outside of the van, either on the roof or on the side of the van. This could prove to be a safety risk down the line. Imagine driving down the highway and suddenly the ladder comes loose, coming crashing down on the car behind, or sliding under their wheels, there is no telling what could happen. Not to mention that a visible ladder is much more prone to getting stolen.

Your alternative van storage solution in this case would be internal ladders holders mounted on the roof of the van. It nullifies both safety risks by being inside the van rather than outside.

Different tools holders

Your work van is a fundamental part of your profession, where an optimized and effective storage system is essential. Rather than having all your tools rolling around on the floor, damaging both the van and each other, a wall with hooks and holders is one of the best van tool storage ideas we know of. They not only make sure your tools are safe and sound, it also allows for easy access to them.


Last but not least of our van tool storage ideas: safes. While we at System Edström do not personally offer them, we nonetheless recommend investing in one. Tools are expensive, at least some of them, and to make sure nothing of value gets stolen if a break-in happens, or to prevent a fellow worker from “borrowing” your tools for an extended period of time, storing your most valuable tools in a safe will help prevent this.

Tailor-made van storage solutions

Contact System Edström today for more van tool storage ideas or to get started on creating your own van storage solution based on your wants and needs. We offer a wide arrange of different van racking for different vans including: