Work van accessories for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians

System Edström offers a wide range of work van accessories and van interior parts supporting a wide range of professionals in keeping their tools, materials, and consumables safe and in order, both when out on the road and on-site.

With a wide range of different types of lightweight shelves, drawers in different sizes, specialized tool holders, and mobile tool cases, there’s a solution in our offering for every possible storage problem imaginable.

Down below you’ll find the reasons why one should invest in accessories for the interior of their van, specific for three different types of trades: carpenter, plumbers, and electricians. Even though it’s great having access to a wide array of different work van accessories, there’ll always be ideas and solutions unique to you and your trade.

Work van accessories for carpenters

Kitting out your van with a tailor-made van interior parts sends a professional message to your clients: “This is a serious craftsman”. But maybe even more important, it makes your job easier and more effective. Regardless if it’s about keeping your screws in order, or that your screwdriver always needs to be close-by and reachable, or to make sure your power tools are safely stored when not in use, you’ll find every work van accessories you might need at System Edström.

Work van accessories for plumbers

With their wide array of different consumables including screws, valves, tapes and thousand other things to keep track of, plus a range of different tools such as screwdrivers and spanners, there are several benefits to investing in professional van racking and different work van accessories. Not only does it leave a serious and professional image of you with your clients, it also supports your daily work, making it both faster and more effective.

Work van accessories for electricians

Make sure you always find the correct fuse when you need it. Get a hold of your cables without having to dig through a mountain of cables in the box where it’s located. Regardless the type of work you’re on, a professionally kitted storage space with different types of work van accessories will help you save space, show your clients you’re a serious craftsman, and in general: make your daily work more effective.

Invest in professional van accessories for the interior from System Edström

Even if you’re not a carpenter, plumber, or electrician, it doesn’t mean you can’t’ reap the benefits of a custom van interior kits for your work van. Painters and decorators, mobile dog groomers, locksmiths and a plethora of other trades can save both space and keep their tools and materials both more orderly and safer in their van storage. Head on over to our van accessories page and explore our wide offering of different crash-tested work van accessories today. Or simply contact us directly and we’ll help you create a tailor-made van racking solution according to your needs and demands.