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Four van shelving ideas for your mobile workplace

Having a well-designed van interior really helps streamline your work and keeps you and your equipment safe. System Edström provides van racking and interiors that combine the highest levels of safety possible with a range of storage solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs, whatever your trade.

What you need to consider

There are many factors in making a mobile workspace safe. So, here are four van shelving ideas that cover some key considerations: efficiency, safety, and organization.

Van tool storage

Good tool storage allows you to organize your work area, even where space is limited. You can keep your tools in a safe place so that they last longer while having them easily accessible. System Edström racking allows you to adapt the design to meet your specific needs, and it does not matter which tools you use 𑁋 we have everything you need.

Van storage drawers

Storage drawers are a good option if you need to store a variety of tools. For example, you can keep your equipment close to hand with storage drawers as a complement to our innovative shelving solutions. We offer a wide selection of van drawers, including workbench drawers, toolbox drawers, and underfloor drawers. Pick the solution best fitted to your profession for the ideal mobile workspace.

Drop-front shelves

Drop-front shelves are a great thing to think about when discussing van shelving ideas. They are designed to give you even more storage space and efficiency. Using all the available space can be a challenge when designing a mobile workspace. Drop-front shelves allow you to put the shelves closer to the top, so you can take advantage of the whole van. The front of the rack folds down so you can pull boxes out without lifting them over an edge, which increases efficiency and organization.

Flip front

We also offer an adjustable shelving solution that allows you to decide your own width. You can adjust the width between 1830mm to 3460mm, and the flip front means you just pull the front down to take items in and out. You can choose between 160mm and 300mm widths that cannot be adjusted.

Safe, efficient and organized

All the products presented in our van shelving ideas are safe and help you organize your van better to increase efficiency.

  • Organization. Having an organized van makes you look more professional. It can also help you save money as a badly organized van can lead to lost or damaged tools.
  • Efficiency. Making tools easier to find improves efficiency, as you don’t have to waste time looking for things.
  • Safety. Just because you work in a van doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety. At System Edström, we crash-test our products to ensure a safe working environment.

Contact one of our suppliers today for other great van shelving ideas that are perfect for you, whatever your profession.