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Van Interior for Smaller Vans

Three van interior tips for smaller vans

If you have a smaller van, this can offer a number of challenges. You need to be able to fit all your tools and have easy access to everything, and at the same time have proper storage for all items to ensure they will not be a safety risk. System Edström offers uniquely adapted van interiors in the UK to help you get the most out of your van, no matter the size.

Three tips for the best van racking system

If you have a smaller van, you need an effective van racking system that make the most of the space available. Here are three tips on how to get the best van racking system, so you can take full advantage of your small van.

Double floor

What you need from your van depends on your profession. For example, if you need to store larger tools in your van, you should consider having a double floor mounted above the real floor to give you extra storage. This gives you:

  • A large space where every tool fits
  • Easier securing of tools
  • A more professional image

The disadvantage of having a double floor is it effectively makes the ceiling of the van lower, making it difficult to stand up inside the van. So, if you need to be able to stand up and work in your van, this may not be for you.

Everything in its place

Having dedicated places for all your tools means that you can keep all your tools well organised and secure. A van interior adapted to your job makes it easy for you to find a place for your tools, even in a smaller van. Good organisation not only helps tools last longer, it also means better driver safety.


Make sure you buy the right shelves for the tools you need to store, so that you do not take up unnecessary space in the van. Better use of space is particularly important in a smaller van.

If you need van racking in the UK, contact us at System Edstrom to get the best van racking system for you.