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Van storage unit: The key to a mobile workplace for craftspeople

With a high-quality van storage unit, you not only look more professional, you also get a safer working environment for you and your tools. System Edström offers the market’s most flexible van storage solutions so that your van interior can be adapted to your needs.

Inspiration for storage units for vans

Quality storage units for vans make for an effective, professional mobile workplace. But knowing which van storage unit is best suited for you and your work can be tricky. That’s why System Edström has a team of in-house experts and authorised dealers, who are always on hand to give you great advice.

Your van storage should be adapted specifically to your profession and needs. Below you’ll find a few ideas to get you started, with suggestions of effective solutions for different vans and professions.

Smaller van

It’s important to utilise all the available space in a smaller van. One smart solution is to take advantage of the floor space. You can maximise the space and easily store larger tools to give you a well organised van. Mounting a double floor above the existing floor gives you extra storage space, while you can install other storage units for vans on top.

Larger van

A larger van gives you more options for your van storage unit. If you need to work in the van, you should invest in van racking that gives you a large workspace, such as a double floor. You can also install an internal ladder rack. These are safer than roof-mounted racks and also help extend the lifetime of the ladder.


Create the ultimate storage for your van together with System Edström. The following interior is suitable for carpenters:

  • Rubber mats: Protect your tools and van interiors from damage while driving.
  • Lighting: With extra lighting you’re not limited to working in daylight and can work safely all year round.
  • Internal ladder rack: Hanging the ladder in the ceiling gives extra space for other tools.


Your van storage unit should focus on keeping pipes and tubes safe, while maximising the workspace.

  • Tube boxes: These keep your pipes in order and keep them safe from damage while driving.
  • Vice bench: If you often need to cut copper pipes or other tubes, a vice bench is a good investment.
  • Plastic boxes: You can easily keep track of your stock with transparent plastic boxes.


With so many different cables and components to store, electricians need an organised van that allows for easy access and visibility of stock.

  • Plastic boxes: These are a good investment for an electrician. Transparent boxes give you good visibility of stock.
  • Cable shelf: These also give good visibility and save space in the rest of the van.

To get an idea of what your van could look like, you can use our digital design tool or contact one of System Edström’s authorised dealers.

System Edström: Van racking for all needs

We offer van racking for all makes and models of van. With customisable equipment, you can combine different parts to create the ultimate interior for your van. You can also transfer our racking into a new van, saving you money in future.

Products from System Edström are crash-tested at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) to ensure maximum safety.