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Van storage unit: The key to a mobile workplace for craftspeople

With a high-quality van storage unit, you not only look more professional, you also get a safer working environment for you and your tools. System Edström offers the market’s most flexible van storage solutions so that your van interior can be adapted to your needs. Inspiration for storage units for vans Quality storage units for […]

Internal Ladder Rack for Vans | System Edstrom

Roof-mounted vs. Internal ladder rack for vans

Electricians, plumbers and carpenters all have certain tools that always need to be in their van. These include ladders. So, what is the best, most effective and safest way to transport and store a ladder in a van? There are a number of options. Some people prefer roof-mounted ladder racks, while others prefer an internal […]

Van Racking | System Edstrom

Design van racking with System Edstrom ー three tips

Design your own van racking with System Edström and create your perfect mobile workspace. We help you create a workspace tailored for your occupation, maximising your van’s cargo space to streamline your daily work. To think about before you design your van racking To design van racking successfully, there are a few things to consider: […]

Ford Interior Accessories | System Edström

Five smart Ford interior accessories

Courier, Connect, or Custom ー whichever you choose, we have the van racking and accessories that make your working day easier. Here are tips on five smart Ford interior accessories you do not want to be left without. Ford manufactured its first van as early as 1905 in the United States. Today they are a […]

Van shelving Systems | System Edström

Reasons to buy crash-tested shelving for vans

A van spends many hours on the road, all year round, so the safety of both driver and equipment is a top priority. In this blog, we will explain why you should always choose crash-tested shelving for vans and other interior products for transport vehicles. The road ー a risky place to work Spending a […]

[Guide] Choosing the right van equipment for your vehicle fleet

You have probably seen your fair share of cargo holds where it looks like a bomb went off. Can you imagine the impression it instils in a customer? Plus, it is neither a fun nor safe environment to work in. Do not let this be your vehicle fleet, choose the right van equipment and van […]

air suspension for van | System Edstrom

Why your van should have air suspension

Your van is probably one of your most important tools. That’s why it’s so important that it is comfortable and makes your work easier. Air suspension provides those advantages. In this blog, we’ll cover the subject of air suspension for vans: what it is, why you should upgrade your van with air suspension, and what […]

Van configurator – A convenient way to design the future mobile workplace

Choosing the van racking for a van is a complex process regardless if you’re designing your own van or ordering van racking for a vehicle fleet. Using System Edströms van configurator, you can design your own van racking within a digital 3D environment where you can see the van racking before you order it. It […]

7 exercises you can do at home to prevent work injuries

7 exercises you can do at home to prevent work injuries

Injuries and pain in the back, neck and arms are very common among craftsmen. Most craftsmen have a pretty varied job, but there are also plenty of repetitive elements that create stress, and there are also often plenty of stressful work positions. It is always better and more effective to prevent injuries instead of treating […]

Pros and cons with electric van for craftsmen

Pros and cons with an electric van for craftsmen

The interest in electric van has increased significantly in recent years, partly due to an increased environmental awareness among the public and partly due to the fact that the range, price and performance of electric vans have improved quite significantly. It is now both practically and financially defensible for a lot of us to get […]

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Roof-mounted vs. Internal ladder rack for vans