5 reasons to install shelving for vans

Shelving for vans and other van racking can transform your vehicle into a mobile and efficient workstation specifically tailored for your wants and needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber or an electrician, there are vehicle shelving systems for all trades and industries. In this article we’ll cover our top five reasons why you […]


Work van accessories for carpenters, plumbers, and electricians

System Edström offers a wide range of work van accessories and van interior parts supporting a wide range of professionals in keeping their tools, materials, and consumables safe and in order, both when out on the road and on-site. With a wide range of different types of lightweight shelves, drawers in different sizes, specialized tool […]


Work van storage accessories to save space and create order

Keeping it orderly in a work van storage is a vital aspect of any business or self-employed worker that uses cargo vans in their daily work. This makes everything easier to find, allows for more things to be carried, and reduces the risk of the equipment getting damaged. But where to start? What type of […]

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4 van tool storage ideas for optimizing the cargo space

The painter has their brushes, a writer his/her pencil or computer, and the musician his/her instrument. Regardless of what type of job, the tools are one of the most important aspects of it and need to be taken cared of with utmost concern. It is no different for carpenters or plumbers. In this article we […]


Why you should avoid using DIY van racking plans and guides found online

If you scour the internet on how to make van racking you usually end up on one of two pages: Van racking offered by professional companies such as System Edström DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guides with van racking plans DIY projects in all honor. They can save you money and are usually both a fun and challenging […]


In the spotlight: Ford Transit shelving

Ford – one of the world’s biggest car companies with a prestige to match. While they are most known for their private cars, their vans are certainly nothing to scoff at, namely the Ford Transit series. The compact yet flexible Transit Courier, the sophisticated and modern Transit Connect, the robust and innovative Transit Custom, and […]


4 tips for choosing the right van storage systems – Van racking for the mobile workplace

The price is always a big factor to consider when buying van storage systems and other van racking. But sometimes, maybe it shouldn’t. Your van is one of your most important tools which assures your daily work will be smooth and effective. Your van racking kits should transform your van into a mobile and effective […]

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Van customization guide: Recommended van racking for carpenters

If you are in the process of buying a new van, you are surely contemplating what functionalities and van racking you’d like your new van to have. But what is the best van racking for you, your van and your profession? There are just so many types of van racking systems and components it might […]


Ford Van Racking: Courier, Connect, Custom and Transit – Tailored towards your needs

Do you own a Ford van? Well, the only thing we can say is: Good choice! Ford is one of the world’s oldest, biggest and most appreciated car brands. It’s not only a popular brand in the U.S, but it’s also very popular with our craftsmen clients here in the UK. This is understandable considering […]

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VW van racking: Caddy, Transporter and Crafter

Do you own a Volkswagen van and are looking to furnish it with practical and high-quality VW van racking and accessories? Well, we can happily announce you’ve come to the right place. System Edström offers a wide range of VW van racking for three types of Volkswagen vans: –          Volkswagen Caddy […]

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5 reasons to install shelving for vans