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Four benefits of a vehicle racking system

Whether you’re a self-employed electrician or a team leader of a larger plumbing group, getting the right vehicle for your business is essential. While it’s important to care for the exterior to leave a lasting first impression with your client, the interior will play an equally important part in making your workday safe and efficient. Choosing between high-quality vehicle racking systems is a big consideration that will largely impact your business – and here’s why. 

1. It’s more compact and reliable than DIY shelving 

Back in the days, artisans would build their own van racking systems made out of wood of different variations. It wouldn’t last very long, but the “do it yourself” approach was often the only option. Today, it’s very different. System Edström offers high-quality racking units to suit any need where the interior van racking is mostly made of light but solid steel. Using metal instead of wood makes the shelving and storage much more robust, safe and secure.

Another thing making our vehicle racking solutions superior to the “do it yourself” approach is the amount of storage you’re able to squeeze into any vehicle. System Edströms van racking packages are tailored to suit your specific van model perfectly, making the best use of the available cargo space. 

2. It improves safety and efficiency 

When a company uses a light-commercial vehicle to drive between work sites transporting tools, accessories and different materials, it’s essential to keep these items secure and organized. For instance, how much time do you or your employees spend searching for things that have been misplaced in the van? Or do you often hear your tools rattling around in the cargo space while driving?

A properly designed vehicle racking system provides artisans with a safe method of carrying goods and tools. In the unfortunate event of a crash, a high-quality vehicle racking system will prevent everything in the cargo space from being thrown around, reducing the risk of the vehicle and its passenger getting harmed. It also helps you and your personnel keep track of all different tools, materials and components in a smart and efficient way.  

3. It gives an impression of professionalism

In addition to improving day-to-day efficiency, vehicle racking solutions help enhance your business’s professional image outwards. Your van is a reflection of your company, so when its doors are open, it’s essential to make sure anyone peeking inside will see a tidy and well laid out vehicle instead of a messy one. 

4. It saves you money 

It might not be obvious, but installing a professional vehicle racking system can save you money. You will be able to pack more tools, equipment and materials into the available space, resulting in fewer trips between your company’s facility and your customers. Making fewer trips will reduce the need for fuel, ultimately cutting your expenses. 

Why choose System Edström when purchasing and installing vehicle racking systems 

System Edström has many years of experience working with both standard and customized vehicle racking solutions. Whichever industry you’re in, we provide you with a complete range of high-quality van racking systems to ensure the interior of your van is flexible, safe, and useful. Explore our vehicle racking solutions today.