3 suggestions to consider when buying metal van racking

Having a well-planned van racking system in your vehicle makes your business more efficient, and it saves valuable time and effort when out on a job. Whichever industry you’re in, System Edstrom provides you with a complete range of high-quality metal van racking systems to ensure the interior of your van is flexible, safe, and useful.

However, you don’t buy van metal shelving on the spur of the moment. Taking the time and help to make the right investment will ensure you’ve used your money wisely and done something to improve your business. 

Suggestions when purchasing metal van racking

With that said, here are some recommendations to consider when purchasing and installing shelving for your light-commercial vehicle.

1. Draw a plan on how to use your cargo space

As with most things, planning is key. When considering different metal van racking options, sit down with a piece of paper and sketch an outline of your cargo space.

  • What are you going to store? Are you in need of drawers or drop-front shelves?
  • If you need larger pieces of equipment, how can you benefit from van metal shelving in terms of new storage space created in the cargo area?
  • How much room do you need in your van in order to be efficient?  

With System Edstrom’s high-tech drawing program, it’s possible for you to plan and create sketches of your vehicle directly on our website. Independently or with one of our dealers, you can draw layouts and test different car interiors to see what suits you and your van best.

2. Make sure to know your vans size measurements

Light-commercial vehicles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Roof heights vary, as do wheelbase sizes. The amount of room you have in a Citroën Berlingo is different from the amount of space in a Peugeot Expert. Knowing the van’s dimensions before purchasing van metal shelving is essential. When trying to figure out ways to use your van’s cargo space, being aware of its measurements helps you decide what interior and accessories to put in your car.

3. Consider buying a van racking package or individual shelves

When buying metal racking for vans, it’s a good idea to consider the full van racking system proposals developed to fit your specific vehicle. System Edström offers packages tailored to suit your particular model, as well as packages suited for different types of professions. 

However, sometimes you don’t need or want an already made proposal. If that’s the case, you can easily choose to remove or add interior components to already finished packages or create your very own van interior from scratch.

Explore the range of metal van racking systems at System Edström

System Edström is one of the largest manufacturers of van racking systems for light commercial vehicles in Europe. With more than 60 years of experience, we are experts in creating functional and safe workplaces. With us, you will find high-quality metal van racking systems suitable for your specific car. Explore our assortment today.