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Five smart Ford interior accessories

Courier, Connect, or Custom ー whichever you choose, we have the van racking and accessories that make your working day easier. Here are tips on five smart Ford interior accessories you do not want to be left without.

Ford manufactured its first van as early as 1905 in the United States. Today they are a world leader when it comes to providing vans for craftsmen. One of the reasons a Ford van is the obvious choice is their generous cargo space. The challenge for a van is to be as small as possible to go everywhere, while the interior and cargo space need to be as spacious as possible to provide a place to work and store cargo; a challenge that Ford has undoubtedly solved. Courier, the smallest model, offers 10% more cargo space than other vans in the same class. 

An optimal mobile workplace in the making 

Creating the optimal place to work doesn’t only require the best van. To make your Ford the mobile workplace your service van needs to be, you also need to equip it with space-efficient van racking and smart accessories. Here are some tips on Ford interior accessories to make the workday both safer and easier.

Five practical Ford interior accessories for your service car:

  1. Bench vice for easy holding of materials when working with them. To further simplify the workday, invest in a vice holder to keep in your van.
  2. Gas bottle holder for easy safe-keeping of LPG, oxygen, acetylene, or refrigerant bottles. The holders are adjustable for the best fit.
  3. Internal ladder holder that allows you to use the cargo space to the maximum, keeps the ladder free from unnecessary wear, and reduces the risk of theft compared to storing the ladder on the roof.
  4. Plastic bins with dividers and transparent lids make it possible to maintain order and quickly find all the small parts needed.
  5. Power supply to be able to charge battery-powered tools in the car, use more powerful power tools, or get heat up lunch in the microwave.

Are you interested in our other Ford interior accessories? Our range includes everything from lighting to EasyLoad, air suspension and double floor. We also have various accessory packages that include hooks, cable racks or pegboard baskets.

Reasons to buy Ford accessories from System Edström

System Edström has more than six decades’ experience in the van racking industry. From the start, we have designed, produced and developed our own products. After all these years, we know what our customers want and how to solve their problems in the most efficient and secure way.

Five other reasons to buy Ford interior accessories and van racking from us:

  1. All van racking and accessories are crash tested. In recent years, we have crash-tested the interior at RISE, Research Institute of Sweden AB, and passed the tests with flying colours.
  2. All accessories for Ford are 100% recyclable, which means they can be used with a clear conscience.
  3. We provide a five-year guarantee on van racking and assembly if your system is fitted by one of our retailers. If you assemble the van racking yourself, we give you a three-year guarantee on the racking.
  4. All van racking and all accessories are backward-compatible, which makes it easy to supplement older van racking with new products.
  5. System Edström is a Ford accredited Qualified Vehicle Modifier, meaning we are trusted by Ford to deliver the highest standard of conversions to all their vehicles.

Make your Ford the mobile workplace your service van needs to be 

Want to buy clever accessories to make the Ford the mobile workplace your service van needs to be? Contact us to find your closest approved dealer.