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Design van racking with System Edstrom ー three tips

Design your own van racking with System Edström and create your perfect mobile workspace. We help you create a workspace tailored for your occupation, maximising your van’s cargo space to streamline your daily work.

To think about before you design your van racking

To design van racking successfully, there are a few things to consider:

What things do you do in your van every day?
Which tools, equipment and items do you use in your workday
How much space do you think these items need?
How much space do you currently have and how much do you actually need/want?

Build your own or design with us?

Not sure whether to design and build your van racking from scratch or design van racking for your vehicle using System Edström’s ready-made products? Both offer advantages and disadvantages.

With System Edström’s ready-made van racking you can pick and choose from a wide range of van racking and accessories. These allow you to create the perfect mobile workplace according to your needs. Our van racking is both versatile and backwards compatible. This means you can complement your current setup with additional van racking in future if necessary. It’s also no problem to transfer your racking to a new van.

If you design and build van racking from scratch, you’ll need to make some compromises in safety and functionality. There’s also no guarantee the van interior will last as long as you need it. When designing van racking with System Edstrom, you are guaranteed a safe racking system. All our van racking is crash-tested at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden AB) in accordance with the standard INRS NS 286, which applies to van racking. We also perform other tests at different institutes to test its resilience and performance, such as shake tests to simulate several years of use on the road.

Three tips to get the design you want and the van racking to last

Use our van online configurator. This allows you to get a realistic picture of what the end-result of the van interior will look like.
Print the interior design proposal you created using the van online configurator and think about it overnight to avoid making rash decisions.
Hire an authorized dealer to install the van racking. This gives you a five-year warranty on both the van interior and the fittings.

Four problems van racking can fix

Before reading this section, take a moment to answer the three questions at the beginning of the article. After doing so, compare your answers with the pointers below. If you experience the same or similar problems, here are some suggestions on how you can design van racking with System Edström to solve them:

Problem: You lack space and are not fully utilising the current available space.
Solution: Choose a double floor with long drawers to store equipment underneath the floor. Install an internal ladder holder to prevent it from cluttering the floor space and enable easy access to the ladder. Install pegboards and tool holders to store plenty of tools with increased ease of access.

Problem: You use many different tools and items during the day and need a safe place to store them.
Solution: Install pegboards to get an overview of the tools and to keep the equipment in place during transport. Mount shelves with high sides and buy rubber mats to protect the tools during transportation. Drop-front van storage shelves make it easy to get hold of plastic trays or cartons with items without the risk of dropping them.

Problem: You need to be able to perform operations such as sanding or assembling in the van.
Solution: Choose a workbench and supplement it with a vice. Installing an extendable vice holder/bench to go with the vice is another option.

Problem: You want to be able to easily access tools from outside the van.
Solution: Mount a sliding drawer and shelf frame to make it possible to pull out shelves and drawers outside the cargo hold.

Design your own van racking tailored for your needs with System Edström. Use our van online configurator or contact one of our approved dealers for support.