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Vehicle racking systems: DIY or from a supplier?

If you need vehicle storage racking, you might consider doing it yourself. You might think you can save money while retaining quality, but we believe you should always invest in proper vehicle racking from a professional supplier.

DIY vs finished vehicle racking

What is more economical?

It might seem that building your own racking might be cheaper, but this isn’t usually the case. Buying a complete van racking system is more economical in the long run. For example, finished vehicle racking from a supplier can be re-used if you buy a new van, unlike homemade racking which is usually permanent. Vehicle racking systems from System Edström are designed to keep your equipment safe and your tools will keep their high quality, which also saves you money in the long run.


Vehicle storage racking from a supplier is far safer for both you and your equipment. During hard braking or in a collision with another vehicle, your tools have to stay in place. Home-built racking systems for vans are usually made with wood and thin walls, and are not secure for heavy tools. System Edström crash-tests its products so they’re safe in case of accidents.

Key features

Knowing exactly what you need from your vehicle racking system is difficult, which is where professional advice comes in. Efficiency, ergonomics, maximised storage opportunities and safety are some of the factors that you should keep in mind. System Edström can help you with everything you need for a safe and efficient van.


With proper vehicle storage systems, you can be more productive in your work and appear as the professional you are. It is also a lot less time-consuming for you to get help from experts for your van interior. You do not have to worry about missing key features and building the storage units wrong and unsafe.

Choose System Edström

There are many reasons why you should choose System Edström:

  • Crash-tested products: We prioritise your safety and provide safe products that will keep you safe on the road.
  • Flexibility: You can always upgrade your equipment and all products can be complemented with other items.
  • Cost-effective: By utilising all the space and adapting the system to your needs, you will get a more cost-effective vehicle storage system.
  • 60 years of experience: Our long experience gives us the knowledge to solve all problems in a safe and efficient way.
  • Longevity: Our products last for many years and can be used even if you change your vehicle.
  • Up to 5-year warranty: With our retailers, you can get up to 5 years warranty on the interior and assembly. If you choose to assemble the van racking yourself, you have a 3-year warranty on parts.