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Reasons to buy Ford van racking from System Edström to your Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom comes with a lot of options, making it one of the most popular vans in the UK. It’s available in different sizes and is available as a plug-in hybrid for the environmentally friendly. But while the Transit Custom is the perfect van for most uses, without proper Ford van racking it will not reach its full potential.

Five benefits of Ford van racking & shelving

As one of the most popular vans in the UK, you would expect a lot from the Ford Transit Custom. But as in all vans, you have to adapt the interior to your kind of work. System Edström offers different interior solutions perfectly adapted to your Transit Custom. Here are five benefits of System Edström’s Ford van shelving and racking systems:

  • Flexibility: Our Ford van racking system can be customised to the specific needs of your industry.
  • Safety: Our Ford van shelving and racking products are crash-tested to keep you and your equipment safe while on the road.
  • Use all the space: We want our customers to be able to work efficiently and utilise all the space available. Our van racking systems provide a place for all your tools, while maintaining good working space in the van.
  • Professional equipment: You want your customers to trust you and your work, so our systems give you a really professional image.
  • Qualified Vehicle Modifier: System Edström is trusted by Ford to deliver high-quality Ford van racking for all Ford vehicles.

What equipment do you need?

Our team can give you great advice on your Ford Transit Custom racking. What will suit you best depends on what tools you have and how much workspace you require, but there are some accessories you always should have in your van, regardless of your industry. Some of the most common types of equipment for a working van are:

  • Lighting: With good lighting, you can work efficiently and safely all day and night.
  • Safety equipment: First aid kits and fire extinguishers should always be available in a working environment, even if yours happen to be on wheels.
  • Power supply: Many van users need electrical power in their vans, so we provide a range of power supplies.
  • Racking system: There are several reasons why a good racking system is essential in your van: better safety, good tool maintenance and better organisation.

Contact System Edström for help choosing the right equipment for your working van and get a more efficient and safe workplace.