Best inexpensive gadgets for craftsmen and home renovators

Rechargeable cap lamp
This powerful lamp is attached to your cap with a clip. It’s perfect when you need good working light but do not have the opportunity or energy to drag the construction lamps around. The battery takes two hours to charge and is claimed to last for up to 12 hours. It’s easily charged via virtually any USB socket.

Rechargeable caps lamp for craftsmen | Edström system

Approximate price: 99 kr

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Magnifying glasses
This pair of cheap and simple magnifying glasses is perfect for any fiddly little jobs you might have. These have 60% magnification without distortion, are light but stable and have soft padding for the bridge of the nose.

Magnifying glasses for craftsmen | Edström system

Approximate price: 68 kr

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Tarpaulin clamps
Need to fasten a tarpaulin or other large piece of plastic or fabric in your vehicle or when camping? Then these sensible tarpaulin clips will make your life much easier. You can also use them to hang temporary work lights, put up banners and much more.

Tarpaulin clamps for craftsmen | Edström system

Approximate price: 85 kr

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Magnetic bracelet
A magnetic bracelet is perfect for holding nails, screws, nuts and the like while you work. It’s like having a third hand that helps you avoid the frustration of dropping things.

Magnetic bracelet

Approximate price: 130 kr

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Post-it Extreme Notes
This special version of the ever popular Post-it note attaches to almost any surface, hot or cold, wet or dry. They are made of an extra-durable, water-resistant paper called Dura-Hold and leave no glue residue.

Post-it notes

Approximate price: 65 kr

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