Revolutionary electrical installations for vans

Along with our our high-quality modular racking systems, we offer the highest standard of auto-electrical installations. From plumbing, to electricity, gas, property management and emergency and service vehicles, electrical installations for vans are becoming ever more popular. Workforces need to charge battery-powered tools, or to run larger power tools directly from the van. Lights, beacons and handwash units, plus USB charging ports for mobile devices also need powering.

System Edström can carry out your auto electrical installation for you. We have a range of excellent power supply options that can be adapted to your needs, so you can maximise the benefits of your mobile workplace.

The range includes 400w, 1200w and 2000w units for a complete solution. A lithium battery power source ensures there is no deterioration in performance as the charge diminishes. Users can also monitor the status of their auto electrical installation through a phone or laptop using Bluetooth.

With full-electric vans also becoming more commonplace, we can also carry out your E-LCV installation for you.

Our expert team is on hand to help you with your van electrical installation – simply contact us for more information.

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