Revolutionary E-LCV on-board power systems

As well as our high-quality modular racking systems, we offer the highest standard of auto-electrical installations.

Our E-LCV2000 system includes a 2000w, 240v power inverter, 12v on-board power solution for lights, beacons and handwash units, plus USB charging ports for mobile devices. It also features full battery monitoring software via a Bluetooth app, allowing users to monitor charge and usage performance.

The system offers flexible recharging facilities, either via 12v dc or 240v ac. It truly is an innovative and forward-thinking product, purpose-built for today’s green fleets.

The lithium battery power source ensures there is no deterioration in performance as the charge diminishes. Users can also monitor the status of the power system through a phone or laptop using Bluetooth.

It’s a great solution for traditionally powered vans while being ready to power a new era of E-LCVs.

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