Air suspension for your van

Make a good van even better. 

Your van will be one of your most essential work tools for several years to come. But the van is only a shell, only reaching its full potential when filled with something, for example, System Edströms van racking system. Once you have placed a high-quality van racking system into your vehicle, you are certainly going to fill it with tools and other equipment, which might result in your van becoming relatively heavy. This is where the air suspension for vans comes in handy, making your transport van and everyday life more comfortable. 

We have included van air suspensions from MAD in our assortment since we believe they are the best on the market. We have installed van racking systems since 1958, and everything we do is based on experience, including our choice of complementary products and accessories

To ensure good driving characteristics and comfort even with heavily loaded vans, you may need to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension. The best choice is a van air suspension with an associated compressor kit since it allows you to adjust the suspension from the passenger compartment. If you could consider switching the suspension at the nearest petrol station, it would be even more convenient for you. 

Double air cushion

Air suspension for vans, motorhomes, and larger trucks. Fully adjustable, dual chambers provide comfortable and safe driving in all conditions, loaded or unloaded. 

Black air suspension 

Air suspension for vans and pickups. These types of vehicles now have the comfort of a passenger car, which isn’t a problem when the vehicle is lightly loaded. However, with heavy loads or usage of towbars, road holding and stability are negatively affected. Here’s where airbags come in handy since they provide better comfort and improved safety when driving. 

Red air suspension 

Air suspension for smaller vehicles. It doesn’t matter if the van is unloaded or loaded, or if it comes with a trailer or a caravan; by simply adjusting the air pressure, you get the extra support needed in all circumstances.