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We have redesigned our extendable vice holder, so you no longer have to adapt the racking to specific dimensions.  You can now attach the inner bracket under a shelf or a drawer. What’s more, it’s now 56 per cent lighter. It’s also an excellent choice for electric vans.

Part numbers  Size
2730   (300 mm)
2731   (470 mm)


Featuring our new lightweight board, our foldable vice holder is now 30 per cent lighter and fully assembled for quicker installation. We’ve also introduced two brackets for installing it to a shelf frame instead of by using bolts through the floor. It’s another excellent choice for electric vans.

Part numbers
2725   (shelf frame 300 mm)
2726   (shelf frame 470 mm)


Our sturdy and robust tool compartment for shovels, crowbars and other heavy tools now has slightly new measurements, so it will fit better beneath racking. They are now also 27 per cent lighter, thanks to the use of high-strength steel.

Part numbers      Size
5034               300x1513x258
5035              300x1691x258


Our kits offer a simple way to secure loads. We offer three kits, each coming in its own bag. Customers can also order them together with a pegboard tray.


This kit contains two ratchet tensioners and two 2.5 x 360 cm straps with a hook at the end. It also includes a simpler 2.5 m long nylon strap.

Part numbers
F11005 (strap kit with pegboard tray)


Includes two rubber-coated ratchet tensioners, along with two 2.5 cm x 360 cm straps with Airline brackets.

Part numbers
F11006 (strap kit Airline with pegboard tray)


Our first aid kit has all you need to offer immediate assistance in a range of situations. Free eyewash when ordered with pegboard tray.

Part numbers
5075       (first aid bag)
5076       (eyewash)
F11007   (First aid kit with pegboard tray, including free eyewash)


Now the brackets for the shelf dividers are finally back in stock, this in an updated version. The brackets can be screwed to the bottom of the shelf with a standard 5600+5640 (standard screw and standard nut M6). This means that the dividers will not move if they are mounted. However, it is possible to only clamp the brackets as before.

Note! New article numbers on the brackets and on the shelf dividers

Part numbers
2870       brackets  (pair)
2871       shelf divider 300 mm
2872       shelf divider 470 mm


Our new iteration sliding drawers offer even smoother running, plus:
– 90 % extension
– Up to 100 kg spread load
(Please note our 110 mm drawers are only available in their older version.)


– Three sizes
– Riveted to ensure stability


– More stable frame, which is easier to adjust and mount
– Kit includes 3 profiles and 2 corner brackets
– Profiles cut to the required size

– With mounts for different types of Airline lashings
– Comes in a set of 4 strips – cut to the required size
– Milling of the board is required to make room for the lashing brackets


– Mount standard shelves in a ball bearing kit to form pull-out shelves
– Enables tighter mounting of shelves


– Can be mounted in an interior that is 470 mm deep and 392 mm wide
– Tool cases with dimensions of 396 x 296 mm (e.g. Systainer) fit
this shelf perfectly


– Long arms to allow hanging of different types of tools
– Excellent complement to other types of hooks

– Holds several tubes
– Takes up less space and can be mounted tightly
– Holes for extra pipes

– Holder for smaller cans and tubes


– 1210 mm wide. (Can also replace the wheel housing compartments in many configurations.)


– Cost-effective installation of van interiors in transport vehicles with pre-installed wooden floors
– Saves time
– Should be used with a product such as Loctite between nut and screw


– For a better finish

– Simplifies height adjustment of shelf frames (e.g. middle shelf ladder for mounting sliding drawers)
– No welding needed

– Two new lengths of usable support rail, 694 mm and 1210 mm.

Sliding platforms

A new generation sliding platforms gives you a load capacity of no less than 300 kg spread load. Also extendable to 90%. Made of HSS (high strength steel) to keep the weight down.

Wet wipe dispenser holder

Wet wipe dispenser holder that fits several of the market´s popular wipes – both coarse cleaning and basic wet wipes.

Locking bars

The possibility to lock your most important, or all, of your drawers in the System Edström vehicle racking. The locking bar 160 mm fits long drawers, for example under the false floor. It can lock up to three drawers depending on the drawer configuration and location. The slightly larger 440 mm locking bar enables locking up to five drawers, of course depending on the configuration.

Airline shoring beam

The shoring beam gives you a range of options for dividing your cargo space. It also provides temporary support for large plasterboards, etc. The shorter covers lengths from 1100-1600 mm. The longer version covers 1600-2160 mm. Made of aluminium to reduce weight, the shorter beam weighs only 2.6 kg and the longer just 3.5 kg!

Pipe carrier

Pipe carrier for transporting long items on the van roof. Can be opened at either end. Both ends are, of course, lockable. Suitable for long cable strips, VP pipes, etc. Length: 3030 mm. The openable lids have an O-ring seal to keep the tube dry inside.

Ford Interior Accessories | System Edström

Up to 25% lighter shelves and angle support rails

We have reduced the weight of two more product groups: shelves and angle support rails. By using HSS (high-strength steel), we have reduced the weight by up to 25%. Same durability, lower weight.

Pegboard box mini

This fits our Flexi System shelf frames perfectly. Keep small items that you want close at hand.

Rubbish holder

Our new folding holder for rubbish bags takes up little space and is easy to fold up.

Lashing points

To help you secure your load even better, we have developed two new types of lashing points. These can be attached around the shelf frame or to frame itself.

New adapter angle brackets

Our new adapter angle bracket can be mounted in four different angles. This means you can permanently mount different types of shelves in the Flexi System.

Wider sliding shelves

Now it’s finally here – the wider 650mm wide sliding shelve! Available in three heights – 190, 250 and 360 mm – it is 90% extendable so that you can easily reach whatever is in the shelf. It also carries a weight up to 100 kg spread load. Of course, you can also fit rubber mats in the sliding shelves.

New height of shelf frame for false floor

We now also have 250 mm-high shelf frames in our range for sliding shelves. This height is also available for shelves with widths of 300, 470 and 650 mm.


Reducing weight with new material
We have changed the material in our shelves and shelf frames, which makes them up to 25 percent lighter. The new material we use is HSS (High Strength Steel).

System Edström van racking | System Edström


New assortment for safer load
Now we are launching a whole new assortment on load securing. By installing Airline lashing tracks in the side of your work van, you can easily and securely attach the van racking without damaging the body of the van. There are also Airline lashing tracks that can be mounted on the inside of the shelves. This allows you to fasten the load with our new loading straps that are attached to the tracks through the loops..


Holder for screwdriver
Our new universal holder for screwdrivers or other similar tools makes it easier to keep track of everything. It is suitable for tools from e.g. Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi and others.

greener van racking

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Battery holder

Battery holder

Place a battery holder next to the screwdriver holder to optimize the order in your work van. With our new battery holder for 18V batteries you can do just that. It is customized to handle most brands.

Cable roll holder

Many have cable reels in their work vans. By installing the cable roll holder in you van you can easily access the cable when you need it. Why not put more than one cable roll holder next to each other, then you have everything gathered in one place!

Cable roll holder
Paper holder

Paper Holder

Now you also have the opportunity to have a larger role of paper easily accessible in the work van. It is easy to hang on our pegboard, either on the side of the van racking or why not on a pegboard mounted on a wall in the van? The maximum width is 290 mm and the diameter up to 275 mm. It is easily attached with two expansion screws.

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Tool holder

This smart new accessory allows you to easily have smaller tools assembled in one place, easy to access by placing the holder where it suits you the best. Easy to move, just hang it on any pegboard. Also easily attached with two expansion screws.

Tool holder

Universal hook mini

Now it is here in smaller format – our popular universal hook in a mini format! It is adapted to be attached to our pegboard and it is perfect for installing in smaller areas. It is also very easy to attach to the side of our Flexi System. The universal hook mini comes in 2-pack.

Even more flexible

We make our Flexi System even more flexible through our new adapter angle. With this you can easily install our 160 mm shelves and maximize the Flexi System. The angler is sold in 2-pack.

Adapter angle
new shelves

New shelves

We also take the opportunity to add two more lengths of our 160 mm shelf. Iat is now also available in following lengths: 784 and 1389 mm. Of course, these are made in HSS (High Strength Steel) which makes them 22% lighter than before. All lengths regarding the 160 mm shelf are now adapted for direct mounting in the Flexi System.

New Pegboard sizes

Pegboard that covers the sides of our long drawers
We have developed three new lengths (826, 1035 and 1218 mm) with the same height (360 mm) regarding our pegboards. This time it is a measure that is suitable for our long drawers. This allows you to maximize free space between or next to the long drawers under the false floor. Now you can easily and efficiently store tools and other things in a safe way. The pegboard is easily halved to fit long drawers with a height of 190 mm.

new pegboard sizes

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Flexi System – foldaway shelves with unrivaled adaptability

With System Edström’s Flexi System in your van you can combine massive shelves and parcel capacity with the possibility to also transport pallets or large packages. When needed, you fold away the shelves, and immediately access the full floor space Choose from 5 different widths, three different depths and two different types of shelves. The shelves can carry a weight up to 100 kg! .

Flexi System is the obvious choice for shipping parcels in general, and in particular:

  • High volumes of parcels or smaller items in an orderly and time-effective fashion, and the occasional pallets or large packages (e.g. transport service companies)
  • Regular shifts between small and bulky goods (e.g. accessories/parts delivered, packaging waste in return)
  • Heavy goods orderly on the shelves (spare parts business, heavy duty maintenance)

The shelf-frames can be inclined to different degrees to be adapted to the shape of the vehicle, which maximizes the floor area of the working van. The brackets for the shelves allow them to hang horizontally even though the shelf frames have a slope of 0, 4, 8 or 12 degrees.

TThe system includes two alternative locking mechanism which makes it possible to fold away the shelves fully (90 degrees) or partially (70 degrees), to create more shelving space. This allows you to get more shelves into your van. Flexi System can also be mounted with gas springs, also after the initial fitting of the system.

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Van carry bin bracket | Van racking acessories | System Edström

Carry-Bin Bracket

The totally new Carry Bin Bracket fits to a drop front shelf and prevents the bins from moving around while driving. It also allows you to pull out the bin 75 % without it falling down! Release the bin with a quick handgrip to carry it with you!

Article Nr: 3081, 3082

Spray Can Holder

The holder for spray cans is just a snap-click away. It mounts on any pegboard surface, easily and secure. No screws needed.

Article Nr: 4351

Spray can holder | Van racking Accessories | System Edström

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Utility hooks in Van | System Edström

Twin Hook

A hook for a hammer, a smaller sledgehammer etc. Secure them with the “Elastic Strap with brackets” for an even better function!

Article Nr: 4357

Triple Tube Holder

Holds three standard sized tubes steady. Easy mounting, no screws needed. Snaps into place on a pegboard. For everything at one place solution, add a ring hook on the side for your skeleton gun!

Article Nr: 4349

Triple Tube Holder in Vans | System Edström
Grab handle Van accessories | System Edström

Grab Handle

A Grab Handle evens out the weight from your knees to the upper and lower body when stepping in and out of a slightly higher van. It is easily attached to the shelf frames hole pattern.

Article Nr: 4390

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Pegboards for Shelf Frame Extensions

With all new pegboard accessories: Universal Hook, Twin Hook, Pegboard Trays, Cloth Hook etc. you want to increase pegboard space. With this new item, you can add a pegboard even to the Shelf Frame extensions! Excellent for tall/long tools, jackets, cords etc.

Article Nr: 2190, 2191, 2192, 2193, 2195, 2196, 2197, 2198

Tool rack pegboard organizer | Van racking acessories | System Edström
Vehicle business card holder | Van racking acessories | System Edström

Business Card Holder

With a business card holder from us that can easily be attached to the pegboard and also to several of our larger accessories, you always have them close at hand.

Article Nr: 4359

Expander Lock

The little expander lock keeps universal hooks, twin hooks, pegboard trays etc. in place. Just turn the expander a quarter of a revolution with a coin or a screwdriver and the item is tightly stuck to the pegboard.

Article Nr: 5680

Van lock Expander | System Edström

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Telescopic van shelves | Van racking accessories | System Edström

Telescopic shelf with integrated flipfront

Our new top shelfs are telescopic. It allows you to maximise the loading area of your van. You choose the width from 1830 mm up to 3460 mm! The flipfront at the end of the shelf gets you an overview. At the same time, you can slide pipes and long items in and out of shelf with ease. Comes in two depths: 160 mm and 300 mm.

Article Nr: 1813, 1815

Shelves 400mm depth

In some cases, it is impossible to get a shelf frame tight to the vans walls, resulting in an empty space behind the racking. Slide the 400 mm shelf with slotted mounting holes towards the wall and tighten the screws! Fits on 300 mm Shelf Frames. The 400 mm shelves are available in the most common shelf widths 605 mm, 784 mm, 997 mm and 1176 mm.

Article Nr: 1504, 1508, 1512, 1516

Van Shelves - 400mm depth | System Edström
Van Racking Drop Fronts | System Edström

Drop Fronts

We have now extended our range of Drop Fronts. 1389×220 mm and 1558×220 mm are now available. Both new sizes have reinforcement embosses to add stability.

Article Nr: 3823, 3827

Elastic Strap with brackets

The elastic strap with brackets that fits right into any pegboard is a very quick way to secure tools and other items. Prevents annoying rattle and wear from swinging tools.

Article Nr: 4366

Interior Elastic Van Straps | System Edström

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