Sliding Platform For Van

No less than 300 kg spread load, extendable to 90%, and made of HSS (High-Strength Steel). The System Edström sliding platform for vans provides a flexible, easy to operate, and sturdy storage solution for quick, one-handed access to tools and equipment at the rear of your van. No more crawling around on your knees on the hard floor of your cargo space. Simply grab the hand of the sliding platform and it rolls out all your stuff for you.

The sliding platform moves smoothly back and forth with little effort to help you put away all your materials, tools, and cargo effortlessly and always keep them in reach, saving both precious time and reducing the risk of back injuries.

A sliding platform for a van is the perfect companion for electricians, plumbers, and carpenters alike, providing ample space to stow away equipment. It gives easy access to all your gear, not just from the inside of the van, but from the outside as well, making loading up and bringing out equipment from your van a breeze.

Buy sliding platforms and other van racking from System Edström

Over 500 000 craftsmen and carpenters in seven countries trust van racking from System Edström. We offer one of the market’s most flexible and complete assortment of different vehicle racking systems, essential for the mobile craftsman. In developing our systems, we focus on the best quality, the highest levels of safety, and unbeatable adaptability. 

Contact us or one of our approved dealers to get your hands on our sliding platform for vans today. All our van racking solutions, and the installation, come with a five-year warranty when fitted by a System Edström approved installer. If you decide to install it yourself, you still receive a three-year warranty only on the van racking.

We recommend designing your van racking in our configurator to get a preview of what your van will look like in a digital 3D environment. We also urge you to browse new products at System Edström and van accessories to keep up to date with our latest van racking solutions.