Driver information

Our systems are designed to keep your vehicles, tools and equipment as safe as possible. But you fleet and your drivers also have a duty of care.

Make sure that all tools, equipment and cargo are stored securely. If installing our van racking systems yourself, be certain your installers have the knowledge and experience to fit them correctly. Never exceed the maximum payload of the vehicle.

Position heavy loads low so your work vehicle will be easier and safer to drive.

If you are carrying bulky goods, make sure to strap them securely on the floor. If not securely fastened, heavy items can have a serious impact in the event of an accident.

Make sure you store everything in the correct laction in your van racking solution. Carelessness with tools can damage them, your spare parts and the can interior.

Use inserts in drawers and plastic crates on the shelves to prevent tools from moving around too much. This also reduces rattling and helps keep tools in good condition.

Rubber mats on shelves also keep noise down and ensure that tools and spare parts stay in one place.

Maximum van racking loads

All weights refer to a wide load:

  • Inserts with guides (standard) – 60 kg
  • Shelves 300-1600 mm length – 70 kg
  • Shelves 1601-1960 mm – 50 kg
  • Pipe shelves – same as above
  • Adjustable pipe shelves – 30 kg
  • Shelves, aluminium – 20 kg
  • Pull-out shelves – 40 kg
  • Loading sled – 200 kg
  • Pull-out van racking frame – 140 kg

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