On-the-road advice

Safety over space

At System Edström, safety is at the heart of what we do. All our systems are designed to keep your drivers’ tools and equipment, and the drivers themselves, as safe as possible.

All our products are crash-tested to strict standards to ensure that in an emergency, when the van stops, the cargo stops too – safely.

Over the past 60 years, we’ve built up a wealth of experience in how to drive more safely, and comfortably, to reduce risk and other problems like noise and rattling. We also know what to do to make your teams’ worklives more efficient, which can help save your company time and money.


Storage – Place heavy loads low down in the van. This not only makes the van more stable, it also makes lifting them out safer, too, reducing the risk of back injury.

Secure your items – Make sure any bulky items are strapped securely to the floor so they don’t come loss in the event of an accident.

Secure storage for van's interior | System Edström
Van storage boxes | System Edström


Organisation – Remember that our systems are tools for organising the vehicle efficiently and safely. It’s down to your driver to make sure this is done – and rightly so, because they know best how to do their jobs.

Looking after your tools – Drivers should be sure to take appropriate care when placing cargo, tools and equipment back in the van. The more care taken, the less chance of damage to their items and the van racking system. This will help the system to last longer, saving your company money.

Movement – Use inserts in drawers and plastic crates on shelves to prevent tools from moving around too much. This helps to avoid tools rattling needless, reducing damage and noise, saving money and making the drive more pleasant.  

Noise – Placing rubber mats on shelves also keep noise down, helps ensure that tools and spare parts stay in one place, and reduces wear and tear.

Van storage boxes | System Edström

Loading guidelines

Drivers should take care not to overload their vans. Again, this has real benefits in helping reduce damage, but also has a great impact on the fleet’s fuel efficiency.

Never exceed the van’s load capacity.

All weights refer to a wide load:

  • Inserts with guides (standard) – 60 kg
  • Shelves 300-1600 mm length – 70 kg
  • Shelves 1601-1960 mm – 50 kg
  • Pipe shelves – same as above
  • Adjustable pipe shelves – 30 kg
  • Shelves, aluminium – 20 kg
  • Pull-out shelves – 40 kg
  • Loading sled – 200 kg
  • Pull-out van racking frame – 140 kg

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