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VW van racking: Caddy, Transporter and Crafter

Do you own a Volkswagen van and are looking to furnish it with practical and high-quality VW van racking and accessories? Well, we can happily announce you’ve come to the right place.

System Edström offers a wide range of VW van racking for three types of Volkswagen vans:

          Volkswagen Caddy

          Volkswagen Transporter

          Volkswagen Crafter

We offer the markets single most flexible, practical and safest VW van racking systems tailored towards your needs and type of van. Investing in high-quality van racking is a must for a Volkswagen mobile workplace to ensure your daily routine will be both effective and safe.


VW van racking for Caddy

The smallest VW model we create van racking for is the Caddy. It is one of the most common vans in the world and provides a high level of security, is easy to maneuver, and has a great cargo space considering it being a lightweight van. System Edström offers high-quality van racking for VW:s van model Caddy, both standard and special solutions tailored towards you and your van’s needs.  

VW van racking for Transporter

The middle child, VW Transporter, is a practical vehicle with the latest high-tech driving and safety features, ensuring both comfortable and safe maneuvering. It has a great cargo space for its size which can fit up to three Euro-pallets. Our high-quality, experience and knowledge in combination with our high standard product development and quality testing makes us one of the leading actors on the market in supplying VW van racking for the Transporter

VW van racking for Crafter

The Crafter is Volkswagen’s biggest van in their offerings which we create van racking for. It is a flexible van which fits most activities and trades. It is available in several different variations which means you can maximize the enormous cargo space according to your needs. The VW Crafter possess a high level of security and even though it is quite a big van it is very easy to maneuver even in tight spaces. Our VW van racking fits all the different variations perfect and helps you create an organized and safe working space.

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By investing in VW van racking from System Edström you can create your ideal working space and vehicle. We help you through every step of the process, from the initial planning to installation. We offer a 5-year warranty on both our products and installation if we or one of our dealers perform it, which we always recommend. By doing so you will be guaranteed your VW van racking will be correctly installed. If you choose to do the installation yourself, we will provide you with a general installation instruction manual and you will still receive a 3-year warranty on the products. If you happen to get stuck, you always have the possibility to contact us at System Edström or one of our dealers for support.

Contact System Edström or visit one of our dealers and order your customized VW van racking solution today.