Vehicle interior racking

Accessories for transport vehicles in Sweden: System Edström has the most flexible van racking systems for mobile artisans. When developing our systems, we have focused on high quality, high security, and unique flexibility. Thanks to this, you can design our vehicle van racking tailored to your specific van and needs. All our products are crash-tested.

Vehicle Van Racking Accessories

Van racking systems and accessories are our primary products. We also offer complementary products to our vehicle interior racking such as safety products, work lighting, power supply, and other types of accessories for transport vehicles. If you want to know more about in what way you can complement your van racking system to get the most out of your van, do it here -> accessories

Do you need help with your commercial vehicle interior? Don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our dealers. 

Inspiration for your transport vehicle interior

We have ready-made proposals for all standard transport vehicles, but it is possible to modify them or design them according to your needs. We have extensive experience building specially designed van racking systems to meet our customers’ needs. However, each transport vehicle and driver are unique. We all have specific wishes and ways of working. With System Edströms high-tech drawing program, you can plan and create sketches of your vehicle directly on our website. Independently or with one of our dealers, you can design layouts and test different van racking to see what suits you and your van the best. Here you can see what your van will look like with van racking systems from System Edström. You can also see the drawings in 3D, which means that you get as close to the actual end result as possible.

Feel free to design your custom vehicle interior and save it for later. If you need any advice, our dealers are happy to take a look at your design and provide you with adjustments proposals to make sure your van racking system is the best possible for you. They will help you find the best interior, adjusted according to the needs of you and your van. All systems installed by our experts or approved dealers come with a full five-year warranty. Of course, you can also assemble the interior yourself, there are always general assembly instructions available. If you decide to install the van racking by yourself, we still offer a three-year warranty on the van racking. If you have any questions about installing our vehicle interior racking, give us a call, we’re always here to help.