Vauxhall van racking – a step towards excellence

Vauxhall is one of the most popular van brands in the UK. Efficient and user-friendly, its vans are also suitable for installing van racking. Our Vauxhall van racking systems are designed to suit all the brand’s models. These systems provide ease of use and the ability to operate in tough situations.  

Brands like Vauxhall make it a point to make their vans customisable, so that they are more versatile for the end customer. Customisation enables customers to add, remove or adapt the accessories already in the van – a win-win for brand and customer. 

Customised Vauxhall van racking: types to choose from

Every company and individual has different needs, so Vauxhall offers three commercial vans. Each has its own unique features and can be customised according to need. The range comprises:


Vauxhall Combo

The Combo is Vauxhall’s smallest van. For its size, it has a huge load space and payload. It’s also available in two wheelbases to make carrying loads easier. 

Inside, the second-row passenger seats can be folded and the hatch opened to create a maximum length of 3.44m. This means that seat space can be used to load important materials when it’s not needed for passengers.    

Vauxhall Vivaro

Vivaro is Vauxhall’s mid-range offering. It’s designed to carry euro-pallets effortlessly and has smart features that make it a great all-rounder. 

The 1.2m width between the rear wheel arches enables the van to carry wide loads such as 8×4-foot plywood sheets. The total payload offered by the van goes up to 1400kg. Besides the ability to carry heavy loads, it has nearside and offside sliding side-access doors to make loading and unloading easy.  

Vauxhall Movano

Vauxhall’s largest van is available in four lengths, three heights and a range of load variants. Depending on the version chosen, it can fit up to five euro-pallets and has excellent load capacity. 

Vauxhall van racking accessories

Van racking accessories can really help keep a van organised and easy-to-use. To complement Vauxhall’s installed accessories, System Edström offers a range of accessories, including:

  • Roof bars
  • Tool stores
  • Internal racking 
  • Pipe carriers