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The Ford Transit, also known as the Ford T-Series, includes four light commercial vehicles, all of which are world-famous. Since its launch in 1965, the Ford T-series has distinguished itself for its capacity, convenience, and reliability. At System Edström, you will find a complete range of high-quality van racking systems for the entire Ford Transit series. We offer full van racking system proposals developed to fit your specific vehicle. You also have the opportunity to tailor the transit van racking systems to suit your particular needs. You can easily choose to remove or add interior components to already finished proposals or create your very own car interior from scratch.

The Ford Transit series

The concept and brand of Ford Transit includes a comprehensive series of models with award-winning commercial vehicles: Transit, Connect, Custom, and Courier.

Ford Transit 

Almost 60 years ago, the first Ford Transit made its entrance into this world. With a cargo space of up to 15.1 cubic meters, you can load the vehicle with materials with a length of more than three meters. At the same time, the Ford Transit has a load capacity of 2.1 tones, which means that it can transport most things. System Edström has manufactured van racking systems for Ford Transit for a long time, so we know what we’re about. We offer everything from straightforward storage equipment to smart lighting. System Edström has developed specially designed van racking systems for the entire Ford T-series, creating effective mobile workplaces streamlining your workday

Ford Connect 

At System Edström, you will also find a wide range of transit van racking systems and shelving for the Ford Connect, giving you full control over your tools, materials and components. The Ford Connect has a sophisticated look, modern and updated design, and new and more advanced technology than its predecessor, Transit. The developed technology has led to improved fuel economy and lower emissions, which has resulted in lower operating costs.

Ford Custom 

Ford Custom constitutes a great mobile workplace while at the same time offering an outstanding driving experience in class with the best passenger cars. Custom has always excelled through its robust quality, functionality, and reliability, which gets even better with a full van racking system from System Edström.

Ford Courier

Ford Courier can load and transport up to 600 kg. With a complete van racking system for the Ford Transit series, System Edström gives you the right conditions to perform a professional job. Ford Courier has a cargo space of 2.3 cubic meters, which means this vehicle provides you with 10% more cargo volume than other similar-sized cars.

General installation instructions

To get the best results possible, we recommend that you contact System Edström or one of our dealers when installing your Ford Transit vehicle’s van racking system. We make sure to install the interior properly. Besides a professional installation, you also receive a 5-year guarantee on both the van racking system and its assembly. If you choose to install the van racking system yourself, we will still give you a 3-year warranty on the van racking. Installation instructions are always included in the delivery of your van racking.

Explore the range of van racking systems for the entire series of Ford Transit at System Edstrom

System Edström is one of the largest manufacturers of van racking systems for light commercial vehicles in Europe. With 60 years of experience, we are specialists in creating functional and safe workplaces. With us, you will find ready-made interior proposals for the entire series of Ford Transits vehicles while at the same time having the opportunity to adapt the packages according to your specific needs. Visit our website and explore our assortment today.