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Van customization guide: Recommended van racking for carpenters

If you are in the process of buying a new van, you are surely contemplating what functionalities and van racking you’d like your new van to have. But what is the best van racking for you, your van and your profession? There are just so many types of van racking systems and components it might make it hard to decide what you want and need.

There’s several different types of van racking systems and a plethora of components to choose from for you to be able to create the perfect van racking solution based on your needs.

In this guide we will delve deeper and cover some useful and sometimes necessary van racking products for carpenters, helping you keep your van in order and streamlines your workday.

Avoid having to spend your day cleaning and organising with van racking, custom-made for your profession

Regardless if you own traditional van racking, a van without any van racking or a cargo space with a horizontal interior design (also called false floor), the space is quickly filled up with tools, materials and various kinds of goods you store in your van.

We know it can be tempting to just “throw the things where it seems fit” because you can’t see a simple solution to the chaos in front of you. We can assure you; it doesn’t need to be that way. A custom-made van racking system allows for a place for everything and everything in its place, and the accessibility you need in your van.


Van racking for a better workday for a carpenter

Are you feeling the strain of spending your day crawling around in the cargo space looking for your tools? How can you reach the things in the back of the cargo space? This is how you can create order without having to clean.

Deep boxes

With a false floor you get to keep the floorspace and can more easily reach what you need without having to crawl into the van. As a carpenter you’re aware you need some sturdy tools which can withstand harsh applications. The same thing applies to your van racking. Invest in deep drawers where you can fit your bigger tools underneath the floor and who can withstand heavy weights and wear and tear.

Rubber matting

A rubber mat makes sure the materials you keep in your cargo space won’t move around when you’re on the move. It will help avoid damaging both the van and the tools and materials you keep in the back.


The standard lighting included in the van are in most cases very weak. Replace the ceiling light with something which won’t have you use the light of your phone to try and locate the things you need.

Comfort wall

A comfort wall isolates sound and reduce the noise in the driver’s cab. It allows for you who drives calm and collected to simultaneously make a phone call. A comfort wall is also a necessity for potential crashes to prevent everything you keep in the cargo space from flying into the driver’s cab.

Interior lining

Interior lining is always a good investment to avoid damages to the chassis when loose things fly around when driving. What would you prefer to replace? The interior lining, or a part of your van?

Clothes hanger and hooks

Use any unused wall space and install some hooks and clothes hangers for a permanent place to store your work gloves, extra clothes, or to dry wet clothes.

Document holder

Create a way to keep your important documents in order. This can be as simple as a plastic binder mounted on the wall.

Ladder holders and vices

For a more flexible use of your cargo space, make use of the roof by installing a ladder holder to free up the floor space for other things you might need. We would also suggest installing a vice to be able to use your van as work bench.

Are you looking for flexible and safe van racking in the UK?

If that’s the case, contact System Edström today or one of our many dealers throughout the country. We offer customisable van racking systems in the UK based on your van, needs and demands.

We can guarantee both your safety and an efficient work environment with our long experience within the industry and the markets most flexible and best van racking systems.