Van configurator – A convenient way to design the future mobile workplace

Choosing the van racking for a van is a complex process regardless if you’re designing your own van or ordering van racking for a vehicle fleet. Using System Edströms van configurator, you can design your own van racking within a digital 3D environment where you can see the van racking before you order it. It allows you to test and tweak different van racking setups to see what fits your needs the best. In this article, we’ll explore the functionality of our van configurator and how it can support you in designing van racking for a mobile workplace.

What is a van configurator?

A van configurator is a tool used to test and design van racking in a digital environment. The configurator allows you to observe the cargo space and van racking from different angles to make it easier to design the cargo space according to your needs. It also gives a good overview of details such as how much the van racking weights, how much it will cost, and the measurements of how high, wide, and deep the products are to make it easier to design the van racking according to the specifications of the van.

How can it help you choose the right van racking?

With the possibility to customise your van in a digital 3D environment, you can test different configurations and see which one matches your needs and wishes the best. We offer van racking for some of the market’s biggest car brands including Ford, Citroën, Iveco, Mercedes, Toyota, and many more. Designing your own van racking in our user-friendly van configurator, you’ll save both time and money, regardless if you’re supposed to furnish 1 or 50 vans.

Pick and choose in a wide assortment of van racking

Using System Edströms van configurator, it’s easy to see how the cargo space in a van will look like if you for example want to add a fake floor, add drawers, add another worktop, or install shelves. 

Four useful functionalities with our van configurator

  • 3D overview. See the van and van racking from different angles as it will look like in real life.
  • Measurement tool. See measurements for different components and products and take measurements yourself from point A to point B to learn how much you can fit in the cargo space.
  • Lock configuration. Lock a design you’re satisfied with to prevent elements from moving around.
  • Save as a PDF. Save your van racking configuration as a PDF to show it to one of System Edströms dealers.

When you’re satisfied with a configuration, it’s time to order it. The most convenient way to do this is to send a quotation request to us at System Edströms or one of our dealers near you. When you design your own van with the help of our dealers, you receive a 5-year warranty on both the van racking and the installation. If you choose to install it yourself, you still receive a 3-year warranty on the van racking.

Customise your own van racking using our van configurator today.