Van Tool Boxes

Versatile van toolboxes are a great way to carry tools directly from the van to the job. With van storage boxes, your workforce can keep a set of tools handily in one place, ready for use whenever you need them.

System Edströms green tool case box is impact resistant and allows for several possible combinations for compartmentalisation. Our tool boxes for vans include a robust handle that both locks the case and can withstand rough and heavy impacts.

Benefits Of Van Tool Boxes

We offer various options for storing your van tool box. All keep the box handily placed and easy to remove from the van, so your workforce can get to the job quickly and efficiently.

Our tool boxes for vans offer a range of benefits:

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Impact-resistant for extra durability
  • A range of compartments, ideal for carrying a wide variety of tools to cover a multitude of jobs
  • Keeps the tools you use every day safely and securely in one handy place

Accessories For Our Tool Boxes For Vans

We offer an assortment of different van racking accessories to secure our tool boxes for vans in the UK and make sure they are locked in place and safe during transit including:

  • A big stand that can store up to four van toolboxes
  • An elegant sliding rack where you can either slide out the toolbox and pick out what you need or bring the whole tool case with you
  • A tool case holder that is mounted to the back of the interior van racking to lock the van toolbox in place; and
  • Simple rails
Van Racking Tool Boxes | System Edström